Double Standards by:Foxhoarder

Deathfodder bozos

Hahaha the little shitrat is so naive and doesn’t know what feral shitrats can do.

Well, it’s best to keep the creator in mind. You go with @Foxhoarder 's interpretation there isn’t really much damage that ferals could or even would do. And that tends to be key to a lot of what they create. They don’t deserve any of the bad things that happen to them.

Some say it’s more authentic to earlier fluffy stuff. Some thing its more fun and/or more tragic. Some say its a more “real” abuse rather than “the fluffy earned it so I get to be horrible to it.” YMMV and all that.


I generally go with fluffies only being able to really do harm to other fluffies, save for the odd story here and there.

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I just enjoy fluffy death and sadness for what they are. :slight_smile:


A hater after my own soul. :heart:

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My personal interpretation of Fluffies is that the ferals are indeed vermin and at the very least are a nuisance to humans, but I also think pointing out that the difference between domestics and ferals is only a matter of perspective.


guy was so excited to body some ferals, that he forgot the draw the shades. then again maybe the psychological abuse of fluffershy was part of the plan.

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Good point, because there exist bad domesticated fluffies and good feral fluffies.

That’s absolutely possible.