Dr. Jacks Fluffy Adventures - The First Of Many - Chapter 1 - By LenexTLI

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A layer of orange, yellow, and red leaves were covering the asphalt walkway. As a man ran along the semi-cold walkway, the leaves flew onto the streets and some into the nearby alleyway. Soft sounds of “enf enf enf” echoed out from its depths. The man stopped, catching his breath from his morning jogging routine. He listened carefully, now clearly hearing the faint “enf enf enf.” He turned around, slowly walking towards the alleyway, peeking around the corner and inside.

There he saw a Purple Earthie Stallion ramming away on a Pink Pegasus Mare. The stallion kept saying “gud-feews!” as he kept pushing himself into the mare, whilst the mare kept singing to herself, “mummah wuv babbehs, babbehs wub mummah, bestest mummah fo’ bestest babbeh!” And only after a few seconds, with a final push, the stallion groaned, “gud-feews!” As he got off the mare, he licked her face affectionately, presumably being her ‘special friend’ or, in normal language, ‘fuck friend.’

The man watched as the two fluffies snuggled into each other, cooing in the warmth of the other, inside a cardboard box. Fluffies were something of a pest where he lived, and thus the government had allowed people to kill fluffies on sight if they wanted to, as long as they didn’t leave a huge mess behind. There were some people who were against killing and abusing fluffies, called ‘Hugboxers,’ whilst the opposite end of the spectrum was simply called ‘Abusers.’ He himself was in between the two, neither wanting to pick up any fluffies he’d find and give them everything they wanted, even if they had shitty attitudes, but he also wasn’t about to kick the shit out of a fluffy that was minding its own business.

After watching the two fluffies cooing and sleeping gently next to each other, he continued his morning jog, passing along one of the many ‘Foal-In-A-Can’ vending machines scattered throughout the city, stopping in front of it. It was a terrible invention, as the vending machines could easily overheat in summer, people could shake the machine and damage the foals inside, or some of them never being picked and simply die inside their can when they got too big. As he was about to continue, he noticed one small foal trying to lift its head, or as much as it was able to inside the small and cramped can.

The small foal struggled, raising its head only a few millimeters above the padding inside the tube before giving in to its weak neck, falling back on the semi-soft padding inside the can. Although he couldn’t hear the foal, and it couldn’t hear him, he could tell it was peeping, trying to call its non-existent mother nearby, eventually crawling back to the rubber nipple for a meal after getting no response from its mother. He found it cute, but nothing else, continuing his jog.

After about 10 minutes of running, he reached his resting spot, the park bench. He sat down and took a short break. As he leaned his head back to relax, he noticed some movement in the bush in front of him, curiously looking up. The bushes rustled and moved back and forth, as then a small blue tail popped out of the bush, wagging, and then suddenly disappeared inside it again. He stood up and walked towards the bush, moving the branches a bit to the side to peek inside the bush.

There he saw three fluffies, all sniffing the ground and pulling grass out of the dirt. There was a red and orange earthie and one blue pegasus.

“Fwuffy hab bested nummies fo’ speciaw-fwiend, hab biggest happies!” The red earthie spoke excitedly.

“Fwuffy hab nummies tu!” The orange one exclaimed happily too.

The blue pegasus was still sniffing the ground and biting into some grass when the red earthie looked up and directly at the man.

“SCREEEEEE! MUNSTAH HUUMAN!” It screamed in fear, shitting and pissing itself a bit, letting go of the grass and running. The scream alerted the orange earthie and blue pegasus, too, dropping the remaining grass and running as fast as their little hooves could go, deep inside the nearby forest.

The man just watched as the fluffies ran with all their might, the blue one turning around to look at him while running and accidentally ramming straight into a tree.

“Owwie!” It complained before continuing to run.

The man just had a baffled look on his face, never having seen fluffies fully run in terror, if you could even call that running in the first place.

“Why am I seeing so many fluffies today?” He pondered when suddenly, his phone vibrated in his pocket.

“Yes?” The man responded. “Yes, that’s me. Right now? Sure, I can. Where again? Okay. Thank you.” He hung up and placed the phone back in his pocket.

“Well,” He muttered, “Let’s begin this day, shall we?”

After having gone back home, putting on his normal outfit, and getting into his car, he made his way to the location. As he parked his car in the parking lot, he looked at the big sign reading ‘FLUFFY-Clinic.’ He walked inside the store and walked up to the receptionist.

“Yes, can I help you?” The woman asked.

“Ah, yes, I received a call to come here.” He responded.

“Right, please come this way.” The woman spoke, “My name is Bella. By the way, what about you?”

“Jack, Dr. Jack. But my friends call me Dr. Jekyll.” He responded.

“Why’s that?” Bella asked, giggling.

“Well, there are a few reasons,” Jack responded, smiling.

Bella was around the same age as Jack, roughly 25-28. She had long brown hair, hazel brown eyes, and tanned skin and was a bit shorter than him. Jack was 27, had short dirty-blonde hair, wore glasses with a thick black frame that hid his bright green eyes, and had healthy oval skin.

As they walked towards the back area, they reached the section where they kept feral fluffies and fluffies that had been brought in by their owners. Most fluffies there were either injured or were pregnant and had either been found by a hugboxer or were dropped off by people not wanting to deal with the pregnancy. As Bella went to retrieve the report for Jack, he put down his jacket and put on his medical uniform.

“Here’s the report,” Bella said, handing Jack the report sheet, “her owners dropped her off here because she got pregnant from an unknown stallion after running away. They want her foals to be aborted.”

“Hmm, I see. Where is the mare right now?” Jack asked.

“Right this way.” Bella responded, guiding the way to a cage.

As they reached the cage, Jack saw the runaway pregnant mare. It was a green unicorn.

“Hey, how are you doing?” Jack asked, looking inside the cage and at the mare.

“Muffin am gud, nee’ nummies fo’ tummeh-babbehs, su babbehs can gwow big an’ stwong!” The mare, who apparently was called Muffin, replied.

“That’s good to hear, but I might have some bad news for you, Muffin.” Jack said, his smile slightly dropping.

“Bad newfs?” The mare asked, tilting her head.

“Yeah, your tummeh-babbehs are sick, so I have to help them so they can get better, but they might not make it.” Jack lied to her, knowing that lying to a pregnant mare was easier than telling her the truth.

“NU!” The mare shouted, “Tummeh-babbehs hab biggest happies an’ nu hurties! Bestest mummah hab bestest tummeh-babbehs!”

Jack sighed, “That’s true, but even the best mothers can have sick babies, but I can maybe save your babies!”

“Nice mistuh can save tummeh-babbehs?” The mare asked, having calmed down a bit.

“Yes, I can!” Jack said, gently stroking Muffin’s head, granting him a cooing sound from Muffin.

Jack walked away from the mare, his smile returning to a neutral expression, and over to the desk, opening the cabinet and taking out a package containing Parsley. He also took out a bag of kibbles and placed them inside a food bowl, and after crushing up the parsley into tiny bits, mixed it in with the kibble.

“Before I help your babies, you will need some food, so your babies can be strong and brave for me to help them!” Jack told the mare, smiling at her.

“Nummies fo’ babbehs!” The mare exclaimed happily, digging in, not questioning or even noticing what he had mixed into the kibble.

Jack and Bella watched the mare eat with a big smile on her face and her tail wagging.

“So, now what?” Bella asked, looking at Jack.

“Just wait…” Jack responded.

Parsely was not something that was necessarily dangerous for fluffies to consume but had an odd effect on pregnant mares. If a pregnant mare were to eat parsley, no matter how early or late they were into their pregnancy, it would always result in an abortion, which almost every time would result in the foals being stillborn, as they needed all the time necessary to develop. That was because if they were to be born even a week too early, it could result in the foals not having a fully functional or developed respiratory system yet, and thus them dying of oxygen deprivation. But this also meant that pregnant mares knew when it was time for the babies to come out or when they were close to being born. Call it maternal instincts if you want.

As soon as Muffin finished her kibbles, Jack and Bella began to wait, watching Muffin sing to her soon-to-be-dead ‘tummeh-babbehs.’ 5 minutes went by, nothing other than singing, then 10, then 15.

“Nice mistuh, muffin hab tummeh-huwties!“ Muffin complained, looking concerned and stroking her belly.

Jack knew now that it was not long till she was to go into labor. Another 5 minutes passed, when suddenly…

“SCREEEE! MUFFIN HAB BIGGEST TUMMEH-HUWTIES! HAB BIGGEST POOPIES!” The mare screamed, having an extremely distressed look on her face, as she knew her babies weren’t supposed to come yet.

“BABBEHS NU CUM OUT, TOO SOON!” She continued to scream and wail.

Jack and Bella acted immediately, Jack acting as if he was worried and trying his best to save her babies, when a slur of blood, amniotic fluids, and other body fluids excreted and flew out of her vagina.

“NU, TOO SOON FOR BABBEHS! SCREEEEEE!” She cried as the first foal popped out.

The mare continued to scream in pain and begged her babies to stay inside as the next foal came out, and the next, and the next. In total, it was four foals, two fillies, one blue and the other green like its mother, and two colts, which were orange and red. Jack picked all the foals up, and as expected, they were all stillborn, not a single one alive.

“Gib mummah babbehs pwease, babbehs nee’ wicky cweany an’ miwkies!” The mare asked, exhausted and still distressed, wanting to see her foals.

Jack handed her the foals.

“Why babbehs nu chirpy babbehs?” The mare asked, clearly noticing that something was wrong.

“I’m sorry, Muffin, it was too late. I couldn’t save your babies.” Jack responded in a sad tone.


Jack and Bella just watched as Muffin hugged her dead babies, trying to heal them with hugs or make them come back to her.

“Well, I think my job here is done!” Jack said, making sure the mare didn’t hear him.

“Yep!” Bella responded, “I think I also now know the reason for your nickname.” Bella said, smirking.

“Is that so?” Jack responded with a grin on his face.

Jack took off his medical uniform and put on his normal jacket. Walking out towards the door, stopping at the door frame.

“If you ever need help again, call me!” Jack said, placing a sheet of paper with his number on it on the desk and walking out.

On his drive home, he thought about the mare. She didn’t deserve to lose her foals, but if she hadn’t run away, all of this wouldn’t have had to happen in the first place. But, it was also partially the owner’s fault for not fixing their fluffy if they didn’t want foals in the first place, as almost everyone knew that at one point, female fluffies would want babies, and if not trained properly, they would escape, like what happened today or throw tantrums.

After a short ride, he arrived home again. As he walked up the stairs to his door, he noticed a small pink ball of fur on his doorstep. He stopped in front of it, recognizing it as a fluffy. He slightly nudged it with his foot to see whether it was still alive or not, and sure it was.

The fluffy turned around. It was a pink Earthie mare, on her belly lying two foals, one brown earthie, and one white alicorn.

“Ehm, nice mistuh?” The mare asked Jack, “Can yu pwease gib nummies fo’ mummah an’ chiwpy babbehs? Chiwpy babbehs hab biggest tummeh-hurties, mummah nu hab miwkies.”

Jack looked at the mare and her foals, seeing the white alicorn yawn and snuggle into its mother’s fur next to its sibling. It pinched a tiny bit in his heart.

“Uhhh, sure…” Jack responded, flabbergasted as he opened the door, “Come in.”

“Fank yu nice mistuh!” The mare thanked Jack politely, slowly walking inside the house.

Jack closed the door behind them, feeling somewhat bad for the mare and its foals and wanting to do something nice to a fluffy after today, but seeing the white alicorn also reminded him of his childhood.