Dr. Jacks Fluffy Adventures - The First Of Many - Chapter 7 - By LenexTLI

Jack had a few plans for the herd, many of them including hormonal changes to the fluffies, what specific procedures would do to their psyche, and how they would react to bodily modifications. He would lie if he said he didn’t enjoy experimenting on fluffies, but although what Jack was doing would be considered ‘sick’ by Hugboxers, Jack didn’t see anything wrong with doing these experiments on bad fluffies.

Jack was about to walk into the garden to introduce himself, but then he had an idea, but he had to prepare first of all. After some quick preparations, he was ready, and with that, he walked into the garden.

As Jack stepped into the garden, he instantly received all of the fluffy’s attention and looks.

“HUUMAN!” The mares screamed, doing scardie-poopies, running behind their mates, scared. Sunny ran behind Nova, surprising Nova, but he had better things to think about.

“Hey there, I am Jack. Nice to meet all of you!” Jack said gently.

Sparks stepped forward, “Dummeh-huuman gib hewd nummies an’ gawden, an’ wet hewd stay hewe!” he demanded.

“Sure, that was what I wanted to tell you all anyway!” Jack replied, smiling brightly.

“Huh?” Sparks asked, clearly confused at what this human was claiming.

“Yeah, I didn’t come here to tell you to go away or anything like that, but instead, the opposite. It seems like you got into my garden, but this garden is special!” Jack told the herd.

“Speciaw?” Sparks asked, the other fluffies too scared and confused to talk.

“Yep! You see, only special fluffies can come into this garden and show them the entrance, and if the garden deems you worth of its safety and warmth, it will make you stay here because it doesn’t want to see you getting hurt!” Jack continued, “And considering you all are still here, I am guessing the garden wishes for you to stay here and make a big and strong herd that will never have to be sad, hungry, or scared ever again!”

“Su, hewd am speciaw-fwuffies?” Fire asked curiously.

“Exactly! Only the best fluffies, fathers, and mothers can come in here!” Jack proudly told the red earthie.

“Wu bout babbehs?” Lola, the mate of Brat, asked.

“Oh, the babies are exceptional and very special because they came from the best parents, after all!” Jack explained.

The fluffies were ecstatic. They had been granted access to a place that only the best fluffies could get into, or so they believed. All the fluffies happily hugged each other, except for Nova and Sunny, who didn’t fully believe what this human was telling them.

“Su, huuman nyu daddeh?” Velvet, the bright red and pink mare, asked.

This caused all fluffies to go silent, waiting anxiously for Jack’s answer.

“Of course! My job, after all, is to make sure you all have enough nummies and sketties for all the good fluffies and their bestest babies!” Jack responded, speaking in the fluffy’s dumb language.

The fluffies jumped in bliss at the idea of sketties and nummies, but also because they had a daddy that would give them everything they wanted. But Sparks suddenly got an idea, looking over at Nova and Sunny.

“Dummeh-daddeh!” Sparks talked to Jack.

“Yes?” Jack asked.

“Nuva an’ Shunny nu am gud-fwuffies!“ Sparks told Jack.

“WU?” Shunny asked, shocked at Sparks stating something that outrageous.

Blinded by anger at what Sparks was trying to do, Nova rushed at Sparks, striking him in the side. Jack could swear he had heard a cracking sound. Sparks glared at Nova and, with a quick move, smacked Nova hard in the face. As Nova fell to the side, Sparks went above him, raising his hoof above Nova’s head to kill him, but Jack intervened, picking the injured Nova up.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of him!” Jack said, granting him a proud grin from Sparks and a sorrowful and shocked expression from Sunny as she saw Nova being carried inside the house.

Nova wasn’t moving, just hanging there. That was it, he thought to himself. Now he would never see Sunny again, or have babies with her, or see her bright and warm smile. It gave Nova the biggest heart hurties he had ever experienced, but he stopped himself from crying.

Jack noticed this but remained silent, carrying Nova into the basement.

Sunny was devastated. Her to-be mate had just been taken away, and she was sure she would never see him again. She wanted to cry but knew crying wouldn’t help her or Nova. She lied in the corner of the garden, just thinking about all the happy and good memories she had with Nova. She imagined them having the cutest babies in the entire world and how happy they could have been, but that was all a dream now, nothing more and nothing less.

She looked towards Sparks, happily lying next to Flower, who at this point had gotten quite round. She despised him! He had doomed Nova and now was acting as if he had done nothing wrong, or better, as if he had done everyone a favor.

Over on the opposite side of the garden, Sparks awoke from cuddling with his mate by the pain of his special humps. He hadn’t had ‘gud-feews’ in a long time, which was about 3 days, but for fluffy’s, that was a very long time, and Sparks felt it. He had asked Flower to give him gud-feews, but she had turned him down. Having told Sparks that 'gud-feews’ is not good for ‘tummeh-babbehs’ and so no gud-feews till their children had been born, which Sparks knew would take a while longer.

Sparks had considered giving Velvet, the bright red and mixed yellow mare, who didn’t have a mate, gud-feews, but she was rather dumb and not pretty enough for someone like Sparks. The other mares either were pregnant as well and already had a special friend, except for Sunny, but she was a ‘munstah-fwuffy,’ so Sparks was somewhat reluctant, not wanting her to have his ‘tummeh-babbehs.’

But his special humps hurt so badly. He looked at her on the other side of the garden, seeing her rump, and Sparks felt his ‘no-no-stick’ getting bigger. So, without really having any other choice, Sparks got up and started walking over to the grieving Sunny.

“Ouchie!” Nova yelped as Jack examined his side.

Nova was confused but also scared. He could smell the blood of another fluffy down here, which frightened him, yet, this human was examining and fixing his injuries.

“Hold still. Otherwise, I can’t tell if you have any broken bones!” Jack demanded in a calm tone.

“Oke….” Nova replied, not wanting to upset this human.

“Su, huuman nu gib Nuva huwties an’ foweva-sweepies?” Nova asked sheepishly.

“Hmm? Why would I? Also, just call me Jack!” Jack responded, looking at Nova now.

“Okay! Bu’, weww, Nuva nu am gud fwuffy, dats why!” Nova spoke, sinking his head.

Jack sighed.

“You’re not a bad fluffy, more of the opposite. You’re good, too good for your own benefit!” Jack replied.

“Bu’, if Nuva gud fwuffy, dan why Jwack twake Nuva way fwom hewd an’ Shun….” Nova didn’t finish his sentence, noticing himself getting red, which Jack saw too.

“Listen, the reason I took you away from the garden was that I didn’t want you to die, and I know you didn’t buy my lies about the garden anyway, so there was no point for you to stay there.” Jack told Nova.

“Nuva nu dat gawden nu am speciaw, bu‘ why Jwack teww wies?“ Nova asked, curious about this human’s reasons.

Jack stopped working on Nova for a second, his expression being a mix between smiling and seriousness.

“Well, this might be hard for you to understand, but I experiment on fluffies.” Jack explained.

“Jwack du bad expewimenws on fwuffies?” Nova asked.

“Yes, horrible experiments. But only to equally bad fluffies!” Jack continued, “For example, you and your yellow and orange mate, what was her name again?”

“Shunny, an’ Shunny nu am mate, yet….” Nova answered, embarrassed by his answer.

“Sunny, yeah, you and Sunny are an exception, as you two are not bad fluffies, so I won’t experiment on you two. But, Sparks, as another example, would be a good candidate for these experiments.”

“Jwack gib Spawks foweva-sweepies?” Nova asked.

“Yes!” Jack replied.

“Gib aww hewd foweva-sweepies?” Nova asked again.

“Maybe. Depends on their actions and if they deserve it or not!” Jack answered all his questions honestly.

Jack was intrigued by the fluffies pondering face. Usually, fluffies would instantly be afraid or against the idea of a human giving their herd ‘forever-sleepies,’ but Nova actually seemed to think that maybe they did deserve it.

“Su, wat am gun happen tu Nuva an‘ Shunny?“ Nova asked, curious about their future.

“Well, considering I told you of my plans, I can’t let you back into the garden. I hope you understand that!?” Jack asked Nova, Nova nodding. “And regarding Sunny, I plan to bring her in as well, once the time has come.”

“Wat if Spawks du bad fings tu Shunny wen am nu thewe?” Nova asked, clearly scared for his mate’s life.

“No need to worry about that, I have the garden constantly watched, so if anything were to happen to Sunny, I would instantly know and intervene!” Jack reassured Nova.

“Dat make Nuva feew betta!” Nova said, smiling a bit.

Jack had now finished up his examination of Nova. Luckily, he had no broken bones, but they were only slightly bruised and sore, but nothing serious.

“Okay, you’re all good!” Jack said.

Nova stood up, checking the bandages around his torso, looking back at Jack.

“Fank yu, Jwack.” Nova thanked Jack, smiling a bit.

“No problem, Nova!” Jack responded, gently scratching Nova’s head.

Nova recoiled for a second but soon cooed at the affectionate touch of a human.

“Okay, let’s bring you back upstairs. I want to introduce you to some fluffies! But, before I do that, you gotta promise me something!” Jack told Nova with a serious tone and look. Nova paid full attention. “Do not, under no circumstances, tell the other fluffies upstairs, or Sunny, what I am doing down here in the basement, or even that the basement exists! Understand?”

“Nuva undewstawnd!” Nova reassured Jack.

“Good! I would hate to have you down here for other reasons than helping you!” Jack spoke with a smile.

Nova shivered a bit at the sight of Jack smiling. Nova knew that Jack wasn’t a bad person, as he had helped him after all and was planning to help Sunny too, but a part of Nova screamed at him to run away from this human, or he would be in danger, life-threatening danger. He also knew that if Jack were to bring him down here, if he had done something terrible, he would never go back upstairs again. Nova made a promise to himself to never talk about the basement, EVER!

With that in mind, Jack picked Nova up and brought him upstairs, bringing Nova to the safe room.

Jack placed Nova on the ground. Nova instantly noticed the fluffies there, a mare and four foals.

“Hewwo, am Nuva.” Nova introduced himself with an awkward smile.

“Hewwo, Nuva! Fwuffy namsie am Mawie, an‘ dat am Hazew an‘ Snuw!“ Marie introduced herself and her children. “An’ dis am Gowdie an’ Pwinky!” Marie continued, showing the two Alicorn foals.

Jack watched as the fluffies all introduced each other. Jack knew that they would get along, and he also wasn’t worried about Nova being racist or mean towards the off-colored and Alicorn foals. With that in mind, he allowed the fluffies some time alone to become more friendly with each other. Plus, he wanted to go back into the garden. He had many plans for them!

But as soon as Jack had closed the door, he heard the screams and cries of desperate, “NU!” and “NU WAN BAD-ENFIES!” Jack instantly remembered what ‘bad-enfies’ were, and he bolted to the glass door, ripping it open and running outside, pissed as fuck.