drawings random--- collab halloween & inktober --- Art: Inshi


Each image better than the last


That house can’t be saved. Get out, close all the doors and windows behind you, then torch it.


Aww. Little guy in 1st picture can drink my boo-boo juice anyday.


Huh, a Fluffy baculum. First time I’ve seen that.

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The first one vants to suck your skettie sauce.
The last one…well that is why you only have a 3 at max fluffies.

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The chaos of the last one with each little thing going on. Love it. Very much a “this needs a story behind it” type of picture :slight_smile:

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That swordsman must be slow judging by how far apart the halves are while still swinging.

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Seems like the 1/2 point of Full Moon Soup.

No idea what that is. But I’ve got friends who work in mental health that haaaaate full moons.

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I’m super curious what your profession and/or hobbies are. Thats a very specific bit if knowledge.

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4chan starting in 2007, mainly as a fa/tg/al and /co/mrade.

Good for learning to overthink things.

On a similar note, here’s an idea to apply to Fluffies, insect superheroes, or niche fetish porn.


So by now its common knowledge on the internet that the Spotted Hyena female has a “penis” which the male penetrates and she doms the shit out of his twink dog-like feline ass his whole life.

But there is an insect called the Neotrogla which goes even further. They look like crickets but are actually a kind of very large flying lice which is only found in caves in Brazil where they feed exclusively on bat shit. Depending on camera angle and age they either look like a Dire Cricket or a goth cricket baby.
Male Neotrogla do not have any kind of penis. They have a small orifice in which they produce both a highly nutritious and energy filled protein broth as well as sperm packets. Females have a large spiky bulbed penis organ. Females penetrate the male and inflate their ladycock like the “knot” of a canine then mate with the male for a staggering 50 hours on average, which bear in mind is substantially longer for an insect. She slurps his yum cum before using her femdong to collect his baby batter during this time, and he CANNOT escape as any attempt to separate them either from her deciding she’s not into it anymore or a scientist/predator forcing them apart pretty much rips him to pieces but leaves his peepeegina still on her girlboner until she is finished and goes flaccid. Males are smaller and its the role of the female to either seduce the male through displays or just rape him. Males begin producing jizzshakes before they actually make any swimmers, so adult females often lap up the virginal lovejuice from males on the cusp of adulthood.

The internet monstergirl/dommy mommy shota fantasies exist in nature. Just not on the kind of creature we wanted to fetishize.

Still, a Thri-keen is fine too.

Full Moon Soup is a childrens book by a very skilled artist and scientist named Alastair Graham.

The book is wordless, with every page being a sidecut of a hotel. On every page things go more and more wrong as monsters and catastrophe occur.

Kids book or not, anything he painted depicting architecture is worth seeing at any age. Plus its only like fourteen pages.

I’d provide a link, but can’t find any to decent scans that don’t require an account.

Is it in print? That might make a good gift.

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Not physically as far as I can tell.
Looks like there is currently an early print copy on Amazon for $50 with a later print for $16, and one on Ebay for $20. Thriftbooks has one for $14 with $2 shipping.
Digital copies are probably cheaper. Plus there seems to be free downloads various places with a signup.

I got mine for pure childhood nostalgia a few years back.

For a gift I recommend Haunted Castle by Leo Hartas. Same price for a longer book with interactive story tour elements to it for kids and a general dark Castlevania-like feel for adults appreciating the art.


this is very interesting