Driver [Eded_ted]


I was making an animation about this fluffy with this one weird “superpower”, but i made it so that i tested my limits by adding way too much work into it. (At least too much for my nerves).

Long story short, i found my limits, and the animation was about 1/3 done with the most time i had ever spend in an animation and having 0 motivation to continue it. Long things like that just aren’t for me.

Frustrated I abandoned it, and started working on other things.

Like this!

Heeeeee… comedy.


Lmao who taught a fluffy how to drive?

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How many times do i have to tell that HE DIDN’T! DIED! AT THE END! OF DRIVE!?

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Love the smooth animation its really good.

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FWA saids: fuwk tha powice


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Hahahagajhfd t hv…

Ahem. Sorry, almost died laughing. The slow reveal, the two staring at each other, the pixelated middle finger (pixelated because of course fluffies don’t HAVE middle fingers)…

You, sir, are a goddamn treasure.


No wonder the CGI in Thor: Love and Thunder looked like shit, all the animation talent was too busy.


i see that the joke did its purpose!

Thanks! But i have to admit, my CGI isn’t the best.

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