Dutch Angle in an Alleyway (By: Carpdime) (FBID: 25337)


Chances are you’re going to end up being milkies…


Might actually be better off hitting up a pregnant or postpartum stray dog/cat.

Beautiful irony that the hormones like oxytocin that make new mothers so likely to adopt just basically any small mammal seem entirely absent in Fluffies. They’re prepped to want babies achingly from sexual maturity onwards, and lack any biological amplification of nurturing.

I’d go so far actually to say that instead of oxytocin they only get a hit of dopamine, since their own Foals seem to trigger feelings of possessiveness rather than attachment. They can easily lose all love for perceived faults, even disregard all but a singular most desired and literally require offerings and entertainment to reach a level of greed for their continuing existence to care at all.

That said, Fluffy writing is more what they need to be. Oxytocin is also linked to need for ostracism and clannishness, reduced risk/reward evaluation, and so on. So instead of just those hormones not being present or overabundant I’d say Hasbio either intentionally or by insufficient progress/misunderstanding of biology managed to make Fluffies respond differently to the same hormones or produce entirely different hormones.

If the former then the more Hugboxy Fluffies could literally be more human, by mutation or a different product model/stage and Hellgremlins could be more animal/unnatural/incomplete. If the latter its possible to create a story where consumption of Fluffies or frequent exposure to them triggers differences in the mental state of owners, like that bacteria in cat feces that can make you bipolar. Maybe Abusers literally begin losing empathy by exposure to Fluffy adrenaline equivalent or something.

I dunno. I went on a bit of a mental tangent there.


Holy dutch angle Carp! From that super calm agility winner piece to this. You’re giving me visual whiplash!

Love it.


Sometimes you do magical perspective pics and I’m jus :open_mouth:

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It would make sense for urban fluffs to have some form of social network - something less indiscreet than a herd, more in the nature of a, well, neighbourhood. Complete with rumours, mutual aid, &, of course, competition & exploitation. A hobo-level community, that is.
If the mummah is a clever & experienced mummah, with the extra food that goes with the territory, extraneous foals would be just the ticket. She can show off her generosity, whilst at the same time having some spare lives to spend before getting to her own brood.
After all, babbehs make everything better! & even more babbehs makes everything even better!


The toxoplasmosis - style origin of Abuse has been suggested before, complete with with Hugboxers wearing gas masks to avert evil.
As an Abuser, I find it charmingly innocent :wink:


Thought I may put some thoughts and commentary on these older pieces of mine that have been posted.

This piece depicts the quintessential alleyway fluffy scene with my favorite feral accessory, the cardboard box. The life of feral fluffies in cities is an interesting one that has a lot of potential for different types of depictions. Ingenuity and desperation are on show in equal measures. I’d like to think that these works allowed me to put together the short Street Smart comic I did a year or so ago which neatly brings together the feral fluffy works that proceeded it.


I remember you mentioned something like this in the original upload for this pic back on the booru. It makes me wish I could retrieve the page related to it.

You know, I think this is a far better title for this pic. Abandoned in an alleyway is way too common a title.


Toxoplasma isn’t a bacteria, it’s a protozoa