Edgar's birthday part 1 (by Backagain)

This is my first time writing, so I hope you guys enjoy it. I used to lurk fluffybooru a fair amount of years ago, when the whole fluffy thing started. Reading all the stories and looking at all the artpieces posted used to be an enjoyable hobby for me.
As my name says, this nameless lurker is back again and I want to give the writing thing a shot.

I’m not the best at writing, so I hope you all bare with me and give me some advice.

~first page in my first short story~

Your name is Edgar. You’re a timid young boy that lacks the basic social interactions you’d expect from friends and family. At school you’re bullied just about every day and at home you’re beaten and berated by your mother and her current lover.

Living in your house is a constant struggle consisting of trying not to choke on the ever-present abundance of cigarette smoke that plagues your home and escaping your drunken mother’s and “stepfather’s” wrath at the late hours of the night. It’s a rare blessing when you’re able to sleep before 1 in the morning, usually because your parents knocked themselves out with a concoction of beer and medication.

Today, however, seems to be a promising day. It’s your 13th birthday! On your birthday week you usually tend to spend it with your grandparents. Stoked out of your young mind you decide to wake up early and get showered and dressed to go out. You simply can’t wait!

When you’re done getting dressed you step out of your room and run into Mike, your current “stepfather”, groggily getting out of your mother’s room.
(to give you an idea, both Edgar’s room and his Mother’s room are a short step away from the bathroom. So it’s basically impossible to miss eachother or not know when someone heads to one or the other.)

With a groan he turns to you, the smell of last night’s alcohol and cigarette smoke still fresh in his breath and says;
What the fuck has you so happy and excited?

You visibly jump a little in shock, obviously not expecting him to be awake this early and sheepishly reply;

“I-it’s july 30! It’s my b-birthday… usually I get to stay with g-grandma for the week… sorry for waking you up mister Mike sir”

Mike did not like to be called anything that would relate him to you, so you opted to simply call him mister and sir. To him you were nothing but scum and a little hellspawn that your mother made the mistake of bringing into this world.

Upon hearing what you said, Mike simply chuckles and walks to the bathroom’s sink to spit out last night’s filth, turning to respond in the lowest, cruelest tone he could muster.

Wow, congratulations you little retard! Sadly, your mother and I simply don’t want to take you anywhere today. But don’t be sad, we decided to get you a present! So get your dumbass to the living room and look underneath the dining room table.

You’re… Honestly, you can’t put this feeling into words. You’re confused because they would rather have you stay in the house for the week, angry because they’re denying you the only time of the year where you’re able to get a break from the torture, and heartbroken because you don’t get to see your grandmother’s kind and sweet face for the one week of the year you’re able to.

But of course, not wanting to anger Mike, you simply lower your head in shame and nod.

“Yes… sir. I’ll go look now…”

You turn and slowly make your way to the living room, crawling underneath the table. Almost immediately you’re hit all at once with the horrible stench of manure and urine, causing you to gag in reflex, effectively throwing up a little in your mouth. The last time you threw up during one of your beatings, it only enraged Mike and your mother further, eliciting an even harder beating than the one you were taking at the time. So, obviously you swallowed what you were about to throw up.

What is it, don’t like your gift?” The annoyance evident on his sneering response to your gags.

“N-no I’m so happy… thank you mister!”

At this point, you’re thankful that the table makes it impossible for Mike to see your face. Unable to withstand the stench piercing your nostrils any longer, you pull the carrier case out and are greeted by a small shriek followed by huuhuu’s.

Peering into the cage, you see it. It’s a small horse like creature about the size of a cat, caked in filth. Its fur and a pure solid black, its tail and mane a soft coffee brown. If it wasn’t for the fact that it was filthy and it reeked, you’d think it was gorgeous.

The creature looked up, tears covering its face and cheeks.
Hooman munstah nyu fwend?

Before you can even reply, your stepdad kicks the case causing the creature inside to shriek and shit itself, covering the entire area behind him in even more filth. Whilst laughing Mike simply says

DAMN CHECK IT OUT HAHAHA IT CALLED YOU A FUCKING MONSTER HAHAHAHA HOW FITTING! Okay, you’re going to be taking care of this piece of shit. It’s your responsibility, if he shits anywhere inside, you clean it up. If it’s hungry, you feed the fuckwit. And i swear to God…

He leans in a little bit and grabs a hold of your ear.

If it bothers me or does anything out of line, I will fucking murder it and hurt you. GOT IT?” Your ear burns as he pulls it and yells at you.

“YES I PROMISE STOP IT” You pull away with surprising ease, you look up and Mike looks furious.

Did you just yell at me?
Before you even have time to respond he grabs the small cage and dumps the contents all over you, feces and mass of fluffy thrown on top you.

Clean it up. While you’re at it, actually, take a fucking bath too. You’re terrible at cleaning up.
He walks away leaving you with the fluffy.

You can’t do anything but stand there in silence. You’re boiling, you’re angrier than you’ve ever been before in your life. Without an outlet to let your anger out, you look down at the fluffy sobbing unconsolably.

“Hey… whats your name.”
The fluffy simply continues crying.

The creature simply eeps out a response
F-fwuffy hav nu namsies huuhuuhuu…

“Well. Your name is now Coal.”


Monster. There it goes again. It called you a monster. Why does everyone in this house address you as such. Why? What did you do to deserve this? Why? WHY? WHY WHY WHY WHY WH-
Suddenly you snap back and see the fluffy shivering and sobbing even harder than before, your hand starts shaking and hurts for some reason and you ask it what happened, causing the fluffy to shriek and cry out.


It clicked. You hurt it. You’ve never hurt anyone before. You suddenly feel guilty and it’s like there’s a growing pit inside your stomach. It hurts. It hurts more than your daily beatings. It’s almost unbearable.

“Shh shh… it’s okay, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. Come, let’s get you some food. You must be hungry. Let’s go.”
The fluffy sniffles and sits back on its backside.

Otay… hav wowstest heawt an tummy huwties. Nu wike… pwese nice mu- mistah giv upsies and huggies a-an wuv… pwese?

It sits there with it’s front hooves stretched out and you lift it up, stroking its mane, causing it to coo in pleasure. It’s honestly disgusting to run your hand through all the different textures of shit and fluffy fur. You decide to take this chance to inspect it to see if it was badly hurt. It seems fine and you can now tell it’s a female, so maybe Coal wasn’t the best name.
Regardless, you’re starving and you’re willing to ignore all the shit on her and yourself for the time-being. Let’s eat.


I wonder if he will continue the cycle of abuse on the fluffy. Or maybe the opposite extreme and Mike will hurt it and having something to protect will be enough to make Edgar snap and kill him.

Regardless, I’m excited to find out. Good job!


I’m happy to hear that! I hope the rest of the chapters are enough to keep you entertained


Hope it’s the revenge arc, not an abuser is born arc.


I’m amazed the kid can smell anything anymore what with that cigarette filth in the air.

Very interesting premise in this story. I hope Edgar takes the good path and doesn’t become shit like Mike