Edgar's birthday part 6. (by Backagain)

~Part 6~

After making sure Coal felt fully comfortable walking on her own, you decided it would be a good idea to play for a little while. You were already at the park, so obviously, some fun was in order.

“Alright, Coal! How about we play something. Do you have any idea what we could play?”

You’re still not quite sure what type of fun activities a fluffy would enjoy partaking in, but so far it seems fluffies just enjoy running around and hugging. So you’re expecting her to say exactly that.

Coaw know bestest gamesies evah! Pway with Bwodas an Sissies aww da time!

As she runs up to you and hugs your leg with her one remaining front leg, she exclaims.

HUGGIE TAG! Buh… onwy hav one weggie… nu give bestest huggies no mowe…

Looking down at her, you notice that her attempt at hugging your leg with all her might left her looking a bit dejected. It makes you feel guilty, but you’re not about to open that fresh can of worms, so you spring into action. Grabbing hold of the black and brown fluffy, returning the hug.

“HUGGIE TAG!! Wow, Coal. You’ve given me the best hugs I have EVER had before! You’re so good at this!”

You put her back down on the grass and start lightly jogging away.

“Catch me if you can, Coal!”

Coal lunges herself forward with renewed vigor, as a few tears roll down her cheeks.


The sound of laughing carried out into the distance as you played for a while. You were in a pretty secluded spot in the park, so you weren’t too worried about people coming in to see the two of you. Sadly, that wasn’t the case.

Not too far away from you sat another kid. Staring at you with an evil grin plastered on his face.

It looks like we have some people invading our turf, Roger. What do you think we should do?

A Red unicorn fluffy with a bright Orange mane stomped his hooves on the dirt and puffed its cheeks from underneath.

DIS AM SMAWTIE WAND! WOGEW HATE DUMMEH POOPIE FWUFFY AN DUMMEH HOOMAN! Daddeh, hewp smawtie giv wowstest huwties an Wogew wiww giv sowwy poopies an enfies to poopie fwuffy.

The kid chuckled to himself and stood up.

Yeah, let’s fuck them up. Follow my lead and don’t mess up.

After a good bit, the fun and games were interrupted by the sound of a rumbling fluffy stomach. Looking down, you see Coal looking uncomfortable.

Daddeh, nee’ make gud poopies… whew make good poopies?

You think for a second and decide to dig a little hole on the ground with your foot.

“Poop here, Coal. I’ll go lay down on the grass over there while you make good-poopies. If you need anything, just call me over, okay?”

Coal nods and gets right on to it.

Coaw make gud poopies fow daddeh! Daddeh wuv coaw~ coaw wuv daddeh~ coaw make gud poopies an make daddeh pwoud~

She sings a song to herself as you walk away, leaving you with a smile as you go to lay on the grass.

While you wait for her to finish pooping, you’re left alone with your thoughts. There’s a feeling of dread that you simply can’t shake off. Mike will probaly come home drunk today. Which means he’ll most likely pick you as a target again. Naturally, you’re not worried about yourself at this point, but you can’t let something bad happen to Coal.

You end up coming to the conclusion that it might just be a good idea to sleep in the park for the night. Anything would be better than going home. Besides, the act of sleeping outside isn’t foreign to you, so it won’t be the first or the last time you sleep in the park.

While deep in thought, you fail to notice the sound of someone approaching you until the person speaks up right above you.

Hey there. What brings you here?

You scramble to get up and look at the kid in front of you. He’s taller and looks a bit older than you, face is full of acne and smells like he hasn’t showered in a while.

“Uh… hey. I’ve never seen you before. My name is Edgar.”

Name’s Cliff. I just moved here with my mom a few days ago. I saw you playing with your fluffy and decided to walk up. See if we could be friends.

This kid is giving you some bad vibes. You can’t tell why, but you’ve spent enough time around terrible people to know who you should and shouldn’t talk to.

“Sorry to disappoint you, but I’m not interested. I should get going now.”

Cliff grabs you by the arm and holds on to you.

Hey man, don’t be so hasty! I’m just trying to have some fun.

Your blood boils. You can’t control this feeling. There’s no way a you’ll let something bad happen to you or Coal again, so you reply in the coldest tone that has ever escaped you.

“Let me go.

Before Cliff can answer, you hear a familiar voice.

Daddeh… Am Daddeh otay? Coaw scawed…

You look down to see Coal staring at you with fearful eyes. It seems she finished pooping just in time to witness this spectacle.

Before openning your mouth to respond, Cliff interjects. Quickly letting go and kneeling in front of Coal.

Oh my! What a pretty fluffy! I have a fluffy of my own and he wants to be friends with you!

Coal wags her tail in response.

Gud fwuffy wan be fwends wiv Coaw? Yay!! Wuv nyu fwend!

That’s right! Oh, Roger~ Come here boy!

As if on cue, a Red fluffy comes waddling over from behind a nearby tree, looking as happy as can be.

Daddeh caww Wogew? Wogew wus makin bestest Gud poopies fow daddeh!

Cliff picks him up, snuggling for a bit before putting him down. Roger then walks up to you, plopping down to reach out with both his front hooves.

Nice mistuh giv upsies fow fwuffy? Wan be fwends!

This feels so wrong, but Cliff has a fluffy. How could someone have a fluffy and be a piece of shit? This fact puts you at ease as you let down your guard and proceed to pick up roger. You pet it behind its ears as it coos in delight. Coal looks on excitedly, prancing a little bit in place. She truly is a source of joy in your life.

“Alright… we can be friends.”

You put Roger down as Cheering ensues between the 2 fluffies, hugging eachother in glee. You realize you’re being way too paranoid.

“Hey man… I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to shut you down like that.”

Cliff smirks and waves his hand in front of you.

Nah, it’s alright. I understand, gotta keep yourself wary of strangers and all. Say, why don’t we take a short walk and let the fluffies play? I’d like it if you showed me this place some more.

You look back at Coal and Roger as they run and play, giggling up a storm.

“Sure… why not.”

You yell out at Coal to be a good girl and she happily waves a Hoof in response before continuing the play session. You turn around and begin to walk with Cliff.

You’re Coal and you have such a nice friend to play with now! This is SOOOOOOO exciting! That Cliff mister didn’t seem nice though… he made Daddy make a sound like a monster. You love Daddy, but even you have to admit he can be scarier than the big monster at home, if you hadn’t just made poopies, you’re sure you would have made scaredie-poopies. You’re so lucky though, you feel so safe with Daddy.

Turning to your new friend, you ask

Wut Wogew wan pway nao? Mowe huggie tag? Ow wan pway woww on da gwassies?

Roger didn’t even look your way. He was too busy looking at Daddy and Cliff walking away. When Daddy turned the corner and you couldn’t see him anymore, Roger turned and Puffed his cheeks out.

Dummeh poopie fwuffy. Dis am Daddeh an Smawtie wand. NU WAN POOPIE DUMMEH TWEE WEGGIE FWUFFY! Wogew wiww giv WOWSTEST huwties.

You’re so sad. Why is Roger being so mean??? Why did he call you poopie???

Why Wogew giv biggest heawt huwties huuhuu… Coaw nu am Poopie, am Coaw!

Roger didn’t like that one bit. He huffed and stomped his hooves before charging at you. He knocked you over and it hurt so much!

Owie!! Huuhuu… why Huwt Coaw, am gud fwuffy

Roger stands on top of you and brings his hooves down on your chest, knocking the wind out of you.


You don’t know what Enfies are, but you don’t want them. Your heart hurts so much, why is everyone but Daddy so mean.

Nu wan enfies! Weave Coaw awone huuhuu Hatchu! Wogew am bad fwuffy!

Ignoring your protests, Roger steps behind you and… why is he sniffing your special place?

You start the conversation off by asking Cliff about where he used to live before he came here. You don’t remember what talking to someone that wasn’t trying to hurt you felt like, so this was an uncomfortable experience all around. Cliff didn’t respond much, but he told you about how he used to live in the next town over. Aside from that, he’s just quiet. He must have it worse off than you. Before you can ask anything else, he turns to you and smiles, so you take this chance to get something off your chest.

“Hey, man… I want to ask. When was the last time you took a showe-”

Almost by pure instinct, you raise your hand and intercept a jab coming straight at you. Guess being mauled on the daily prepared you for surprise attacks.

How the fuck did you block that?

Your blood boils again and you start to see red. You were right from the start.


Cliff throws another jab and manages to hit you on the shoulder. It doesn’t really hurt at all. If anything, it just aggravated you.

“Fuck this.”

You say as you push him. Causing him to lose his balance and fall, banging his head against the floor.

Agh! FUCK!

Cliff shouts as he recoils in pain and clutches at the back of his head. He then tries to get up as quickly as he fell, only to topple back down, hitting his head again and effectively getting knocked out.

You’ve never hit anyone before and now there’s someone passed out on the floor in front of you. You quickly kneel down and try to help Cliff get his limp body back up.

“Fuck, I’m sorry man. I didn’t mean t-”

A sudden screech pierces your eardrums as you lose yourself to your senses and immediately turn to run, dropping Cliff face first onto the floor in the process.


You’re so fucking stupid. How could you have let this happen? You turn the corner to see… oh god no NoNONO NO.

Everything is a blur.
Your ears are being pierced by the screams of your fluffy. The weird sound of thrusting fluff, crying and Enfs.

Enf enf enf… GU-

You lunge and snatch the red piECE OF SHIT OFF OF COAL.


You thrust the fluffy onto the ground in a pure fit of seething rage. You look over at Coal, only to watch as she cries and holds her tail towards her chest. You can’t anymore. This is too much. This is too much.

You fucking piece of shit. I’m going to rip you apart limb from limb.

Roger squirms underneath your grasp.


You rip chunks of fluff off from Roger mercilessly until his body ends up bald.

Nuuuu! Nu feew pwetty! Meanie munstah huwt smawty! POOPIE DUMMEH! WAN DADDEH!

Oh, trust me. I’ll give you to your daddy when I’m done with you.

You rip off each leg as Roger screams in pain, terror finally sitting in as he devolves into begging.

P-pwese mistah weave wogew awone… nu du anyfin wong

This mother fucker. This rapist pond scum. You’re going to murder him.*

You raise Roger up with one hand and take out the lighter you somehow still had in your pocket from this morning’s horror session with Coal’s sister.

“This is it. You’re finished.


You raise the flame up to the Fluffy’s behind and suddenly feel a hand on your back. You think this is Cliff and you turn to yell at him.

But this is someone completely different. It’s someone just a little bit shorter than you, dark skin with a white shirt and shorts.

“Hey man. You okay?” The kid asks

You realize someone just witnessed you tormenting roger. Wait, what were you doing?

You look at the shivering, fluffless creature in your hand and drop it. The fall isn’t enough to kill it, but it screeches all the same and sobs as it lands on an awkward angle. You look at the kid and start to tear up.

“I don’t know what came over me. I-”

The kid puts his hand on your shoulder and shakes his head.

“Nah, man. I heard the screaming and ran to see what was going on. I saw the fucker mounting a mare and thought it was just a feral raping another feral. I hate shit like that, so I was going to put a stop to it until I saw you run in and tear into it.”

You sink your head down as you run up to comfort Coal. She’s a mess and screams in distress when you pick her up, until she realizes who it is and proceeds to cling onto you with all her might.

Huuhuu… Coaw hav biggest heawt huwties… nu wan mowe huwties… wan daddeh (sniff).

You pull her in close and turn to the individual that brought you back to your senses.

“Thanks… I’m sorry for all of this. My name is Edgar.”

The kid smiles and extends a hand.

“My name’s Raj.”

You gingerly shake his hand and smile until you remember that Cliff got dropped on his head and should be waking up any time soon.

“Shit, the fluffy’s owner might come back.”

Raj opens his eyes in surprise and chuckles.

“You mean to tell me that the smarty piece of shit has an owner? That’s illegal, you know. Owning a smarty.”

What the hell is a smarty and why is it illegal. It’s illegal to own a smart fluffy? You ignore the thought and look down at Coal. She’s filthy again and looks hurt. The fucker must have been rough on her.

Raj seems to notice you deep in thought and speaks up.

“I should have brought this up earlier, but my dad is a vet. You should let him take a look at her. Just follow me back home, we can leave uh ‘Roger’ alone until his owner shows up.”

Looking down at Roger, you start to feel guilty until you remember what he did. Roger gets a kick of dirt sent his way, causing him to squirm and complain about his situation. Completely ignoring him, you proceed to Follow Raj to see his dad.

Hopefully his family is nice.

~Cliff’s POV~

You groggily wake up and realize it got dark. The last thing you remember is some punk ass kid pushing you over and your head hitting the floor.

Fucking cunt, just wait until I see you again.

You mutter to yourself as you get up.

Deciding that it’s too late to be in the park, you start to head home. But for some reason, you feel like you forgot something. You didn’t bring anything important with you on your to the park, so it’s probably nothing anyway.

On the way home, you find a rock sitting idly on the sidewalk. This pisses you off for some reason, so you kick it. The rock lands in some bushes and you hear the sounds of peeping and a faint “owie!” coming from the bushes.

Grinning to yourself, you approach the bushes and kneel down.


There’s a pink fluffy mother with a white mane and some Foals cowering in fear as you loom over them.

“Pwese babbehs… nu make noisies so munstah weave fwuffies awone…”

It’s as if though God is smiling upon you today. Meet a shitty smarty to fuck around with, find a fresh blood punk ass kid to bully (even though that plan didn’t go too well, but that’s just because he surprised you.) AND a family of fluffies to torment.

Hey there, I’m not a monster! I’ll adopt you AND your babies. How many babies do you have? Do you have any poopy babies?

The mother perks up and cheerfully steps out from under the bush. She doesn’t understand why you asked for her poopy babies, but that just makes what she doesn’t suspect all the more sweeter.

Mummah hav uhm Wun, too… tweee… Twee babbehs!

The mother proceeds to take one of the chirping babies off of her fluff and shows it to you. It’s a silver fluffy with a pink mane. Really good colors, you might just breed it to sell its offsprings. You don’t really give a fuck about the law, so having an illegal mill sounds cool.

Dis am bestest fiwwy babbeh!

Oh fuck AND she has a bestest baby! Must be a bitchmare, can’t fucking wait.

Splendid! Let’s take you and your babies home. Don’t forget to bring your poopy baby. If you do, I’ll give you sketties!

The mare gasps and runs in to grab another foal. This one is a baby shit green with a fluffy shit brown mane.


You maniacally cackle to yourself as you make a headcount.

Pink with White mane mother
Silver with Pink mane filly
Yellow with Green mane colt
Red with Pink mane filly
And the shitty colt.

Seems she didn’t even count the shitty one at first. This will be great.


Can’t say I’m too happy about this chapter since I wrote it after a 16h shift into a 12h one with an 8 hour turn around. (I’m tired)

But I hope that’s just me.

Same as always, hope you enjoy!

I might write out what happens to the family of fluffs some day

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Sad ending.

Apparently Roger didn’t get hit in the head hard enough.


Roger has been completely ignored until further notice because fuck Roger


Woops. Sorry, I meant Cliff, not Roger.


I fear it’ll get worse before it gets better for these two. And I also fear it’ll never get better


Everything has to come to an end at some point

His 13th birthday is no exception

You have an incredible talent for writing the type of humans I’d like to flay alive and toss down a salt mine!

Good story so far, really rooting for Edgar and Coal!

Even though I know I’m gonna regret it later…:sob:


God damn you Backagain! How am I supposed to be an edgelord abuser if you make me concerned over a fluffy! All jokes aside, another great part as per usual, I always look forward to new parts in this series.

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