Elimination of a Rogue Herd Part 2 by Karn


*Thunk *Thunk *Thunk

Caroline put the rubber mallet down to her side and put both hands firmly on the post and with all the strength she could muster tried to move it. After spending nearly two hours at the crack of dawn digging and refilling the hole for the post, she was grateful to see it fail to budge even an inch after pounding it into place. She gathered her tools and walked the perimeter of the backyard fence.

Patiently, Caroline walked along the entirety of her fencing, carefully checking any of the posts for holes or insecure enclosing, giving each post a slight tug and shake to see if they wobbled or budged, even slightly. As she began to hear her fluffies begin to stir and awaken, she began to hurry. Moving at a quicker pace, rubbing her sore and aching shoulders as she did, Caroline made her way back to the house.

As Caroline made herself some strong coffee, her body exhausted from both the fieldwork and the lack of sleep from keeping watch, she tried to shake the guilty feeling that had been with her all night. Staying vigilant and guarding her backyard all evening from would be intruders had given her time to think. Too much time to think. “It was her fault” was all Caroline could think. If she had been a little younger, a little more spry, then she would have noticed the tear in the enclosure, or the weak post in the fence. It had only taken her minutes to fix the mesh fence, by crimping the edged wires back into the wood and carpenter glue. If she had noticed it, even one day before…

A loud and abrupt scream jolted Caroline from her thoughts, as she quickly began to scan the room, looking for the danger. It had been her coffee kettle, the water now reaching a fervent boil. Angrily, Caroline unplugged it and sat down, her palms against her face as she stared at the floor. She needed to do something, anything, to make it right. But she knew that she could never truly make it right, as no matter what she did, that foal would still have spent it’s last day on Earth in agony and horror, her parents would still be traumatized for the rest of their days. But still, if she couldn’t make it right, she’d at least do the next best thing, thought Caroline as she poured her coffee into her thermos as she headed to the front door. She’d make damn sure it would never happen again.

Making the drive to town was always tedious, with it being nearly an hour from Caroline’s property. When she and Marcus had moved into the house, many people often joked that they were unfriendly or even misanthropic. But the truth of it was that Marcus had liked the quiet, and Caroline enjoyed it when Marcus had been happy. Sadly, after his passing, Caroline had discovered that she didn’t enjoy being alone as much without Marcus. Now the distance from the town felt distressing at times, but she could never bring herself to move out of the house. If not for meeting Ladybug almost five years ago, Caroline might have never recovered. And now here she was, failing the little critter that had brought light and joy back into her life. She had made sure to leave fresh feed and water in the troughs before the fluffies woke up today. Caroline couldn’t face them, the shame was too much for her. Trying to push the thoughts from her mind, Caroline slowly pulled in to the Tractor Supply.

After noticing that Caroline had been standing in the pest control aisle for almost twenty minutes, Buck causally walked in her direction, hoping to help her however he could. He had known her late husband his entire life and as the owner of the store, he had always helped her out when he could. Hell it was the least he could do, seeing as Marcus would often do machinist work for him at a discount or even free. As he approached, he saw Caroline with a small box of rat poison in each hand, staring down at nothing. “It’s nice to see ya Caroline…rat problems?”

Caroline decided to keep what had happened to herself, only telling Buck that she needed to bait and kill a fluffy that was trespassing near her property. She held up the boxes, clearly unsure of how to proceed. “I know how to deal with most pests: rats, gophers, even coyotes. But I’ve never thought of fluffies as a danger, couldn’t have thought of them as a pest that needed to be dealt with until now. I can’t just go out with my rifle blindly and this is only gonna be useful for killing rats…” She let the boxes fall from her hands back to the shelf, clearly frustrated and angry. Buck was quiet, calmly listening to her and what she needed until the end. He nodded, holding up a hand. “Wait here for a second…”

Heading to the backroom storage, Buck came back to Caroline with a large cardboard box, leading her to the checkout table next to the register. He began to tear at the tape holding it shut with an X-Acto knife, while he began to explain it’s contents. “While back, when fluffies first came around, products for fluffy care and management were really popular, the higher ups decided that we should try and sell some, to cater to owners, and to folks who wanted them far from their property. Caroline I’ll warn ya, some of the stuff in here…well it ain’t very Christian…” He presented the box to her, allowing her to peruse it’s contents.

Caroline blanched as she looked through some of the horrid items within the box. Small sticks similar to a toy version of riding crops called sorry sticks, bottles of poison made to induce premature labor, collars with inward plastic spikes, it was terrible. “This is abominable Buck, why would you show me this?” He looked down slightly, pulling the brim of his hat down as to cover his face. “Sorry Caroline, but as bad as it all is, I remember something in there being like a bait or lure for fluffies. Check for small boxes.” After rifling through to the near bottom, Caroline found several small cardboard boxes with a picture of a mock foal. “Trap Foal…” she read aloud. “What is this?”

Buck took a gander at the boxes, fetching his reading glasses from his coat pocket. “Says here that these look and smell like real foals. You use em’ to lure fluffies who find em’. The different colored boxes are odd, the yellow is called normal and the red is labeled predator…” Buck shrugged. “Ifin’ there’s one word I’d never use for a fluffy, it’s predator.” He tore open the boxes of two of them, one normal and one predator and put them side by side to compare. Both boxes also came with four small tubes labeled glue, poison, sedative, and chili oil within, as well as some small pitons and chord similar to fishing line. As Buck fidgeted with the tubes, unclear of their purpose, Caroline picked up one of the faux foals, as it felt odd, almost like real fluffy fur. It had an almost rubbery body, like silicone, and a hard, almost bulbous hard spot at it’s center. When Caroline absentmindedly squeezed it, the mock-up foal began to squirm in her hand, causing her to drop it. As it fell onto the counter, it continued to move, with it occasionally emitting a realistic sounding foal’s chirp.

“It’s so life-like…it’s almost eerie…” posed Caroline, slightly rubbing her hand that had been holding it. Buck barely noticed, caught up in reading the diminutive writing on the boxes. As he finished, his face went sour. “Oh…” He took off his glasses, clearly perturbed by what he had discovered." I figured out the difference…the normal foals will attract stallions and mares, thinkin’ there babies and all, wanting to help em’…" He rubbed his temple staring down at the Trap Foal from the red box. “But this one…Caroline I don’t know where to begin…” She looked to him and sighed. “I already know what it’s for…just tell me how it works.”

Buck went through the basics of the Trap foal: it had a semi-hollow interior and had realistic openings at it’s mouth and genitals. The gel from one of the tubes could be inserted via a small opening hidden on the doll’s belly. A small loop was also located nearby for the chord, for anchoring the trap to the ground via one of the pitons. After that you squeeze the small ball in it’s rubbery back and it will start to move and sound like a distressed foal for up to ten hours. There was a terrible silence after Buck finished his explanation, with the both of them not being able to meet the other’s gaze.

“How much do I owe you?” Caroline asked, taking three of the red boxes, desperate to end the silence. He waved his hand and shook his head. “You’d be doin’ me a favor takin’ em. But Caroline…you don’t look well. You look pale, exhausted. If you need me to, I could come by on the weekend…” Her answer was abrupt, with Caroline nearly shouting at Buck. “I’m fine! And I can take care of it myself…” He simply looked to her, sadly but smiling none the less. “Well I never doubted that at all, but you just holler if you need anything…anything at all, ok?” He waved her out as she made her way back to her truck.

Caroline wasted no time after getting back. After a glance from her window into the backyard, just to make sure her fluffies were ok, she went and got her old rifle. Loading it and making sure the sight was still working, she took the it and the three boxes and went back outside. She walked a healthy distance between her property and the old Miller well, and crouched down, preparing the Trap Foals. She opted to use the glue gel, as she wanted nothing left to chance. Caroline planned to capture and then kill the fluffy responsible, hopefully putting an end to this nightmare. She put the small, barbed pitons into the ground, lightly turning them as they bored downward. Affixing them to the now glue gel filled Trap Foals, she then squeezed the activators, one by one. Putting out a blanket near an old barren apple tree, Caroline sat down and waited.

The sun had set hours ago, but Caroline was determined to see this through. Finishing the coffee in her thermos, she finally heard a noise besides the automaton chirping of the fake foals. It was faint but she could clearly hear what sounded like light grunting.


She raised herself slowly, making as little noise as possible and began to skulk in the direction of the grunting. With the sun down, only the moonlight illuminated the old field, but even with such poor light, Caroline could see the silhouette of a fluffy, holding one of the Trap Foals and forcing himself upon it. Pulling out her utility lamp, she laid it on the ground, facing the fluffy and switched it on, ending the fluffy’s enfing abruptly as he screamed and tried to run, only to discover that he was now trapped within the foal, and the foal wouldn’t move farther than one foot from where Caroline had tied it down. It pulled hard as it tried to flee, screaming as fell over, it’s manhood firmly stuck in the trap.


Caroline walked up close enough to look over the monster that had killed Ladybug and Rooster’s foal. It was a green unicorn, with a cracked horn and filth caked into it’s fur. It’s ribs were visible as it clearly was malnourished and there were old and dried bloodstains on it’s haunches. Caroline grimaced and cocked her rifle. That got the attention of the fluffy, who now realized that he wasn’t alone with the foals.

“Hew…hewwo nice wa…wady…Nic…nice wady… b…b…be nyu mummah?”

Caroline unreadied her rifle, incredulous at the gall of the creature. “Be your new mamma?!? Your new mamma?!? After what you did to my foal?! To my fluffies’ foal?!? You baby raping monster!!! You have the audacity to ask me to help you?! I came here to find you, and to kill you for what you’ve done!” The struggling fluffy went from nervous to hysterical.


Angered by his proclamation of innocence, Caroline walked up to him, clicking the safety on her rifle before striking the butt of it into his head, the sound of his jaw and teeth cracking causing Caroline to wince. “You are not good! There is nothing good about you, nothing good within you! What you did to that poor foal was evil, plain and simple! It was innocent and had never even gotten the chance to truly live!” She undid the safety on her rifle and took aim, as the fluffy sobbed and moaned, blood trickling down from his mouth.

"*huuu…huuu…huuu…Fwuffy sowwy…*huuu…huuu…huuu…Hewd weadew teww fwuffies dat dummeh babbehs am fow num poopies an’ enfies…

Caroline stayed her hand, lowering the rifle. She walked up closer, crouching down to the fluffy, the terrified beast, trying desperately again and again to run away, only for the pathetic creature to scream, falling to the ground and holding his privates, whimpering and begging. “Herd leader? What do you mean? There are others like you?!? Nearby?!?” The weeping fluffy had gone near catatonic from fear, shaking as he held his wounded member through the doll. Caroline gritted her teeth and struck him with the back of her hand, the blow landing firmly across his face. He rolled onto his belly, trembling as Caroline screamed. "Answer me damn you!!! Where is you herd!!! Tell me!!! NOW!!! As she continued to question him, the fluffy only crying and whimpering. Caroline lifted him up, the snare pulling taut and beginning to pull on his manhood, stretching it farther than it ever naturally could, the fluffy’s eyes beginning to bulge as he heaved and vomited from the pain.

“*wheeze…*wheeze…p’wease…p’wease nu mow’…*wheeze…*wheeze…nu mow’ huwties…”

Losing patience, Caroline tugged harder, gripping the fluffy by his scruff. The fluffy tried desperately to protect his member with his hooves, but was being pulled far too hard. Finally he started to scream.


The Old Miller house. It had been abandoned for nearly six years. A termite infestation had made the property condemned and with the cost of fumigation and repairs, it was simply cheaper for Devon to move up north with his distant family. With all the damage done by the termites and weathering, there’d be plenty of ways a fluffy could get in.

Still holding the now screeching fluffy, Caroline decided that ridding the world of this monster wouldn’t be enough. As though her body acted separately from her mind, she lowered the fluffy for a moment, allowing some give in the line before pulling him skyward as hard as she could, instantly severing him from his manhood. He gasped and began to scream and chirp, barely any recognizable word coming from it as he clutched the bleeding ruin that was once his genitals. Caroline began to walk, still carrying the chirping fluffy.

It took only a few minutes to reach the well of the old Miller property. As she approached it, Caroline couldn’t help but think back to when she had gotten Ladybug and her first bath.

“Now sweety it’s for your own good. You’re filthy and you have to have a bath.” Caroline had gathered a metal basin for the dirt covered red pegasus, who was shivering and shaking.

“Wawa bad fow fwuffy…nu wike…”

Caroline walked slowly to the well, seemingly in a trance as the wounded fluffy chirped and moaned as it bled out from it’s groin.

“I know you’re scared hon, but I’d never let anything happen to you. You’ll always be safe with me.” She started to fill the basin, even as Ladybug yelped with terror and tried to flee.

She lifted the green fluffy by his scruff over the old well, the chirping mass, slowly looking down and realizing where he was, even through the pain.


Caroline let go, the green fluffy falling several feet before hitting the shallow water. The impact was rough as he splashed and hit bottom, breaking his ribs. As he struggled to stay afloat, his wounds weakened and fatigued him. He screamed for help for several minutes before he started chirping with panic and finally sank beneath the surface, drowning.

Caroline looked past the well, either ignoring or unable to hear the green fluffy’s screams and pleas. In the distance she could see the old Miller House, the foundations decrepit and time worn. It looked like a blight, like a cancer upon the hilltop, with Caroline grimacing as she stared down the old house. She started to breath heavily, her chest heaving as she gritted her teeth and screamed for what seemed like an eternity.


I hope miss Caroline doesn’t get hurt exterminating the Smarty herd, the main offender has been killed, there no reason to make things personal in dealing with the rest of his herd, just shoot them and be done with it, it dangerous to stick around termite-infested dilapidated buildings.


I see your point but from her perspective, the herd leader is the true cause.
Plus she is NOT ok with the thought of fluffies like that so close to her property


Yeah, she is proactive in dealing with a problem, deal with the vermin now then later when they cause more trouble.


Just rip their genitals off and make them stress relievers for the herd. And adopt any gud fluffies that are living under rapist supreme’s iron hoof


Leave the herd for a bit. Let them sit confused to where smarty went. Plan a painful and gruesome end for the feral parasites. Preferably with lots of pain and abuse.


Purge, Ms. Caroline. Purge these pedos.


That old lady is hard core

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