Emergency Decree No. 1A RE 243 and Ferdinand house on danger form fluff (Chawakorn_SIAM)

11 Feb

After a horde of pui invaded Vijayaprasit Barracks, the soldiers had to flee to Suvarnabhumi Barracks.

“Announcement of the Prime Minister’s Office on the invasion of alien species It is declared to be able to kill at will”

Amy said to her cousin (Lavi and Arava)

This emergency ordinance is effective immediately and will not end because these fluffy are alien species and reproduce quickly if they are reported to become pregnant immediately after giving birth, which fortunately is not a microfruffy that can reproduce day by day, which after Amy and Sam have read it, sighs happily because Amy is afraid that the brush behind the mansion will be disturbed and damaged.

A fluffy family whose father is a unicorn breaks into Amy’s vegetable brush.

“Ah f**k I think shitrat​ invade is ordinary things in this time sigh
Amy said Annoyingly

Amy and Lavi walk down the second vegetable brush the fluffy couple invades with only a Machete in hand

“Lavi I think mare is pregnant” Amy
“I think so Amy” Lavi

Lavi kick The belly of the female fluffy causes the fluffy to miscarry and groan for the aborted embryo.

Then Lavi and Amy Pridcheep, both fluffy with Machete.

The end?


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Why did you censor fuck then two seconds later say shit

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Sometimes it’s best to not ask questions

Word salad.
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