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i need a nap.

((woof woof family shit got me going augh))

thanksgiving is going to be… uncomfortable. we’re going to a volunteer thing at a church & i have no idea what it’s gonna be like. i’m mostly worried about how my mom’s going to act. she’s already upset that nobody’s invited us anywhere since grandma passed & i’m waiting for her to start taking it out on me or my aunt. fingers crossed the seas stay calm.

doc upped my meds, still no ADHD meds tho. and the center i’m at has a new neuropsych department so i guess i’ll be going through them for my ADHD stuff instead? man, i just want the stuff that turns my brain normal for a few hours


Great way to get shit all over you and your bed

You’re in my thoughts :heart: u are one of my favorite people on here, hoping for the best for you


Don’t worry buddy, if you ever need to vent, we’ll always be here for you!


Manifesting a quick path to meds and wellness :revolving_hearts::sparkles:


May we all have a good day tomorrow

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