End of Days (Cyrilsneer)

I see the right leg as being bent–the forward part is actually the knee, so (from the right, looking from above) V I

But it could just be a mistake.

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Aww; cotton candy colors. Two of my favorite colors. I will adopt you, name you Cotton Candy. Gives you all the wubd an hugs you could ever want. You’ll be the happiest fluffy that ever dared to exist. Then when the time is right, I’ll smash that happiness. Why? Because you are a fluffy and dared to bare those colors.

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The worst part is?
The shop made it a point to refuse to sell the Fluffy to anyone. The Fluffy had three costumers inquiring about buying it that day already, and the store turned them all out.

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I think I know who owns the store.


Well send it to the organ farm or make food from the shitrat.

Or shit on your floor if it’s a little bratty shitrat that doesn’t wanna clean your house.