Entirety of "Making a Monster" (Draytini)



One of my favourite fluffy stories ever. Some of my views on fluffies were shaped by this very story.


Was just recommending it to someone

Whatever happened to Draytini? Wish he would come back to finish this. :frowning:

“Daaagaa… waa pwack oou Agoooa?” He gurgled, his mouth sore and swollen.
Matt tossed him in the trash too, but didn’t bother snapping his neck.

So fucking good lmfao

Edit: I just finished this story a few days ago, and I meant to say something about this story, and… wow. Just incredible. This is one of the top 3 favorite stories I have read about fluffies. So amazing, and on so many levels. I gushed and fawned over the cute parts, hardly containing myself. The abuse parts, just amazing, a good amount of variety. The title really does tell you exactly what its about, but it’s still really clever. While I was quite sure that it was about turning a fluffy itself into an abuser, the story seemed like a bait and switch for the “Daddeh,” and I was starting to let go of the fluffy abuser idea; just to be slightly and pleasantly surprised to find out both were being made into monsters. Towards the end, when they were both having fun torturing together, and Arion being so polite asking for help with abusing, I found it to be sooooooo adorable, twistedly.

I’m unsure If you’ll ever come back and see this comment, but if you do: Thank you. This story will always be a special memory.

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