Euthanasia Development (Pastry_Knight)


And this is why PETA is and always be a joke.


The funny thing is that those chucklefucks would do it themselves. Deranged psychopaths.


A yes the happy ending.


we stole this puppy from a little girl so wouldn’t have to be enslaved, but because if we kept it it would still be enslaved and we can’t release it into the wild because that would be cruel we got a euthanize it


I swear to god PETA is controlled opposition meant to make things like animal rights, anti fur and other ecological pursuits look bad, I would not be surprised if they’re funded by the fur industry or factory farms


It’s a mixture of delusional true believers who act as foot soldiers, and controlled opposition plants who make the policy/manipulate the narrative and perceptions related to it. Same as a lot of other really obvious false flags like Patriot Front. The purpose is to discredit legitimate activist organizations and belief systems by invoking their agendas in combination with unquestionably heinous acts and ideas that will gain a great deal of infamy; this way, the average person will subconsciously associate the targeted group, individual, or ideology with the artificially generated extremist narrative whenever the topic is brought up.

And it’s very effective; I mean, just look at how PETA has impacted animal welfare activism. People who support animal welfare frequently feel the need to clarify that they’re not like PETA and don’t support what PETA does.


Hammer time. Go ahead and stop that PETA.

No way is all simple euthanasia getting banned. CO2 was the best one too. No drowning and no rolling pin death.

In all honesty, though? Fuck PETA.