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Sacrificial fluffies seem pretty based

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Anyone seen Dogma?
The Catholic church had waning membership numbers among younger people, so they make a happier looking “Buddy Christ” (still a white guy) and they decided that just by showing up to this one special church, all sins are forgiven.
Basically they changed the rules so now it is much easier to be a “good” Christian.

Let’s say the Church of Satan had the same problem, losing members because it’s just too much trouble to keep up with duties. Always having to find new animals/people to sacrifice, plus sometimes you kinda feel bad for hurting them but you have to do it anyway, etc.
So the Satanists have a similar idea, let’s make it so there are more normal people who want to kill things, and easier for the more empathetic members to cope with sacrificing an “innocent” creature.

Everyone knows that giant corporations are evil, & probably already ran by satanists.
So that’s why the “Hasbio” company made these things to be so annoying and hateable. It makes you want to kill them, and you don’t have to feel bad about their suffering.

Besides, creatures this horrible could only come from Satan himself.