Evidence eating fluffies by ShititsMe

Hello!! i dunno if this was make before but i can remember watching some crime records and some used pigs to disappear bodies so i came to the idea…criminals using fluffies to eat the bodies!!
yes the bones are too hard for fluffies teeths but in my country we have an expresion “el hambre es cabrona” (hunger its a fucker if i translate well) meaning with enough hunger you will eat whatever.

Hahahah no more explanation, enjoy!!!




Thanks Thk!!

but can they actually digest bones?


lets say they do half of the work and the poopies finish digesting the bones, what do you think Mr_Owl??


if your fluffies poop acid, than sure :shrug:


lets play that card :face_with_monocle:


Oh gosh this is great. It’d be an episode of CSI: Fluffy.

I’ve heard that pigs are good for disposing of bodies. Don’t know if that’s true or an urban legend, but this plays along nicely with that!

Honestly, if this was publicly known? Man, you’d have so many low-budget horror movies of “Fluffies ate my __________” springing up on Youtube, Netflix, etc. And police might actually start wanting to keep tabs on large fluffy herds. Plus the mob would have its own breeders making bigger fluffies with better teeth…


Really interesting idea. I like how the adult fluffies don’t like eating it, but the foals that are eating the arm, have no problem with it because they’re probably still too little to understand what’s going on.
And the humans didn’t even unwrap the food for them smh.


is far as i know this was used in hannibal and we know mafias are another dark story 0.0

i doubt even large herds would be a danger to the people, the fluffies in the drawing are more in a state “i have to eat this coz i have nothing else to eat” the breeder side can happed!! you only have to wait a few generations

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Also, about the bones because people were talking about it. They wouldn’t be able to eat them, but it’s still much easier to dispose of bones than to get rid of or hide an entire corpse. Plus you don’t have to worry about the smell when the body decays. So it would still be useful for the criminal.


Yup yup the adults fluffies are some alley/pet store rejected ones and they dont like eating the evidence, the foals are going to be used to the raw meat and like it over time.
Humans give 0 bucks for them, the bag can be something they can eat.

On your other comentary you have all the reason grinded bone its something hard to trace but i came to the idea, fluffies eat entire foals too so they can eat bone in some ways.


I think the problem would be that they wouldn’t be able to bite through human bones since they’re much larger. Foals are tiny so they only have little bones. The idea of a fluffy having the power to bite through human bones is kind of terrifying.

Edit: I just noticed you mentioned grinding the bones, then yes they would be able to eat them.


Wow thats a new way of removing a body alright.

If these fluffies always get constant human corpse to consume won’t that trigger em to crave for human flesh or its irritating program still overlap the feral desire? :thinking:


That’s a feature, not a drawback.


viewing them as animals in some point of their lives theyll start to crave for human flesh in this generation or in a next one. buuuuut i like the way that make a short circuit in their little brains “hu hu huuuuu fuffie wike da meat buuu hoomin nee wuv an huggies!! huuuuuuu” something like that hahahaha


Stun gun brain reset, just giving them Sketties when you don’t want them feeding on manflesh.

But why end their craving? Put it to good use! Use dental glue to put sharp tips to their teeth then let them loose near a day care or a preschool.

Mommah make bestest miwkies fwom humin wi foewasweepys fow bestest babbehs!
Haw miwkies to gwo big an stwon!

I remenber a story (don’t remenber if it was on the news) a woman passed out in a pig pen, and they basically fucking killed her by eating her


Well look… Least they are getting the calcium and protein they need… Maybe?