Exhausted Hugboxer (Federalchemical1728)


i forgot claire’s wings lol


Does anyone else see @Jedan ? I can’t not.


gets a fresh cup of coffee for the human

Down the hatch!

human grumbles

Hot! Ow, but much needed! Hey, kids, shape up, I have another block of travel, and others are being brick stupid!

Otay Mummah, aww am guud foh ou.

they untangle themselves and make it easy for human to walk

Thanks Doc, I appreciate your help!

No worries, I’m just glad you got some coffee in you!

Doc, I need another one for home c’…

Not to worry, I sent Dr Fixer to get the doors open and a fresh cup of coffee for you!

Damnit, that fine ass Fixer is in my home??

Yus, why wouldn’t be?


It’s a mess!

So? Dr Fixer has his fluffies over for a visit…

You setting me up for a date!?

A play date, your frazzled…

Oh, k, that’s good…


I think I already said this before, but I LOVE your art style. A lot of skill there!!
Very cute fluffies as well.


when you have small children.

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i think theyre definitely one of my influences lol

thank you so much man, it really does mean a lot to hear that :heart:

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