Experiment 4, Talkies for Babbehs! by GJack

Talkie place for Babies

The main event of my experiments I call: Talkies for babbehs!

I am very very curious about the acceptance and rejection of a mother by her foals. I am also interested in the effects of verbal communication to the foals in this reaction by the mother or by proxy the father. The lay out will be the same for each group. This will be the base fore my final set of experiments

A mare will be offered a new housie, nice warm bed, spaghetti once a week, AND can have babbehs. BUT there is a cost, they can have all this if they give up their ability to speak, their ‘talky place’. The mare will be put under anesthesia and have their vocal cords surgically altered to render them mute. They will be given recovery time and everything that was promised. What will differ will be how their family structure will be assembled.

The mare will pick a special friend and be impregnated, the family unit will remain in tact and the father will remain a part of the group. I expect this to be a normal happy family with just a ‘mummah that can’t talk’

Similar to group a, in this group again the mare will select and be impregnated by a special friend. Once pregnant the male will be removed and the mummah will be on her own, with no voice to raise her biological offspring. I expect hoarse attempts at a mummah song, but that with a little bit of difficulty or confusion everything will be fine and healthy.

The mare will not be impregnated, but will be given hormone therapy to produce milk. She will then be offered chirpy babbehs that have not opened their eyes yet and told she could be a good mother to these. I suspect that at such a young age, the babbehs will imprint and see this as their mother. But will the mother agree?

GROUP D1 and D2
Again the mare will not be impregnated but given babbehs that have opened their eyes and are just starting to talk. Group D1 will be average foals, but D2 will be traumatized or ptsd foals.

This group is more of a mean lark on my part as I offer ‘babbehs’ that are just about weaned, I have a feeling they will reject the mute as their mother as I even tell them it is their new mother.

Just out of curiosity I want to see the bonding capacity if instead of fluffy foals baby rats or ferrets are used instead.

No scientific value in this group, just something promoted by an abuser. Simply give a young fluffy that is conditioned to call her a dummeh


I want to see the fallout of that experiment. :nerd_face:



And my morbid curiosity >:)


& they say Abuse does not promote Science!

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Invader zim ref there nice ~