Expressions chart, a practice in progress (Menn019)

Hi there,

After a summer hiatus, i’m drawing…practicing again.
I neglected my learningcurve the last few months, though a new perspective can be a good thing, i hope.



Wait can I use this…? :thinking_jellen:

I can’t stop you using this one, but the last time someone barrowed my lineart here on FC, it had quite a nice result; Colored lineart (PikyFluffy) - Fluffy Image Self-Posting - FluffyCommunity (
Meaning; Go ahead.

I was planned to use this chart as a reference for myself and as a backup file when everthing else get lost, and to show others my progression.

Lol. I just meant as like a reference just to practice giving my fluffy’s more emotions. I usually don’t draw them full of expression all the time.

Ow, in that context!
Sure, I was going to do the same hehe.

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