Exterminator For Hire - ascii7

A small amount of fluffies managed to break into the house of newly-graduated college student Damien Moores. By the time he’d saw one, the house was already infested, especially in the kitchen where they were practically ransacking everything there. His dog, Jess, an adult German Shepherd, had already gotten her hands on one of them. “Nuu! Nu wan huwties! Wet go fwuffy wight nao ow smawty wiww gib wowstest huwties to munstah!” a fluffy frantically cried out as it was being torn to shreds by the dog’s maw, while sobbing and pissing all over the floor. “Good girl.” said Damien, proud. “Now the floor’s all dirty, though…” He went over to a small alicorn on the floor and picked it up by the throat. “Nu! Bad upsies! Wan down! Nu touch!” it shrieked out as it was taken away and brought to the cellar. The alicorn was knocked out with a metal bar and placed in a freezer for later purposes. While sighing from anger and annoyance, he spotted a poster outside on a tree. “Cheap fluffy killer for hire - call here in case of infestation!”. Intrigued, he called the number on the poster and gave detail on the situation and where he was, while a fluffy stupid enough to walk over to him was being crushed beneath his foot.

30 minutes pass, and a black van pulls up to Damien’s house. The exterminator. A tall, but slim, person of indeterminable gender dressed in pure black hazmat clothing in a gas mask, carrying a large tank of spray that read “Fluffy B Gone” on the back of it with a nozzle to spray it, and a pack of unknown contents on the left side of their hip. They approached Damien and shook his hand. “May I see the situation?” the exterminator asked. “Yes, of course.” he replied, shaken by the equipment brought, but giddy at the thought of getting rid of those little shitrats. The exterminator walked inside, and saw the horde of fluffies, and muttered vulgar language to themself under their breath. “Well, we’re gonna have to bomb it.” “What?! Are you serious?” Damien replied, taken by surprise. “Nah, I’m joking. But we are going to have to do some serious renovation and perhaps some demolition if they really are everywhere. Don’t worry, I can cover the costs for the rebuild process, these things sell for a fuckton if they’re rare.” The word demolition made Damien nervous, in his head he imagined the whole place being knocked down by a wrecking ball. Though, he still complied. “Renovation as in what?” The exterminator cracked a smile under their mask, excited to partake in some herd mass-murder.

Cut to some days later, Damien and the dog are escorted off of the premises for safety concern, and a large heavy duty containment dome has been built around the entire property, going down 6 feet into the ground to prevent an escape, and covering the sky, ensuring nothing can get in or out, the inside of the dome lined with extremely bright lights. The doors and windows were barricaded, with the exception of the front door. Holes are punched into the walls and all furniture is moved out, to prevent any fluffies from hiding and surviving the sweep. “Time to have some fun…” the Exterminator said, excited for what is going to happen next.

They went to the main room, and set up a machine filled with deadly neurotoxin is placed in the middle. A fluffy came up to them. “Is dis a nyu daddeh come to take cawe owf babbehs and fwuffies?” The Exterminator grinned. “Yes, I’ll take care of you, alright…” as the neurotoxin machine was set off, releasing deadly gas all inside the house. Most fluffies were poisoned and ended up throwing up their own organs and dying on the floor in a pile of tears, shit, blood, and piss, and others ran outside of the house fast enough to live, for now anyways. Now that the fluffies inside the house were all eradicated, it was only the fluffies in the yard. The door was slammed shut and sealed from all places, to prevent the gas from getting outside and killing the rest. They had far more plans for the fluffies. “U munstah!” a smarty cried, coughing, in tears. “U make whowe famiwy go fowevew sweepies! Smawty wiww gib u wowstest huwties EVEW!” before charging towards the exterminator and bashing into their leg in a futile attempt to defend themself. The Exterminator reached down and picked it up by the throat, bringing it directly in front of the front of their mask. After a few seconds of staring, the exterminator screeched at the Smarty as loud as they could, shaking it in the process, until the Smarty’s ears were blown out and bleeding everywhere. It started crying and wailing and doing all the shit that the little fuckers do when they’re about to get what they deserve. “Nu! Heawing pwace nu wowk nu mowe! Smawty sowwy, pwease weave smawty an hewd awone it wownt happen awain!” it squaled, kicking and punching in the air, to no avail. “No. Rot in hell, you little fucking rat. You’re a fucking cripple now, whiny bitch.” the Exterminator responded in an affirming voice, before snapping it’s head off and throwing it at another fluffy, holding up the corpse to the rest of the herd. “This is what you little fucks deserve. You’re all mistakes, and I’m only making you fucking know that. Hear me loud and clear; YOU ALL ARE WORTH NOTHING. YOU ARE ALL THE EQUIVALENT TO LIVING MOVING PILES OF HORSE SHIT, AND EVEN THAT WOULD BE AN INSULT TO THE SHIT! You’re single handedly making every life on this planet 10x harder, and I am going to fucking end it, I’ll capture and torture and kill every single fluffy that ever dares to exist, and I am going to make it HURT. UNDERSTAND?”

Part 2 soon. Hella fun typing this first part, I fucking hate fluffies and I hope yall do too. Comment ways for them to be tortured below :]


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Anyway welcome to FC, if you have any questions feel free to ask.

I am in love.

Holy hell. I am loving this guy already. I wish his gas mask was a plague mask, though. It’d be so much more fitting for the plague of locusts those little shits are. But that’s an insult to the locusts.

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Welcome of FC

thanks, ill make sure to do that

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thank you this is my first time writing something in a while i’m glad people like it

Rip and Tear BABY!

I’d have the remaining fluffies all kill each other in a battle royale with the promise that the one who wins will get unlimited sketties, huggies and toysies. But then just kill the last one anyway!

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