Extreme Fluffy Contraception (by EpicSubterfuge)

Because abusers gonna abuse! Speaking of that, on a scale from zero to Rammstein, how deranged do you like Miss Abusalina? I’m writing up the comic, even doing a nice little logo for it, so i want my effort not to be wasted.


Definitely Rammstein. But in this case, it’s all the more fun when dealing with such vermin.


I personally like her deranged too, but gotta figure out what people like. I have the feeling Rammstein will win! =)

Up to this point, her mania is balanced by her taste in classical music. A fine set of pseudo-scientific nonsense for her to hold forth with would fit right in.


Genocide Jack.

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The best thing about Cannibal Corpse is the t-shirts. The rest was always a bit meh.



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Some of the cover art for the albums are good too, but it’s hit or miss.

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Funny thing, I was thinking of that! XD

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Rammstein? No clue, i just like this pycho bitch just as, you can always up the antsy with these midget hell horses. Can’t wait for the comic!

dog she keeps getting better!!!


pls just marry me at this point bro

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(post deleted by author)

Gotta give her credit for taking inspiration from good sources! XD

I can imagine the wedding car decorated with dead fluffies instead of tin cans! XD

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I love this so hard!

I would LOVE to see Anula to play “fun with nerve gases” with fluffies!
Gases like vx nerve toxin, mustard gas, tear gas, fear toxin, joker venom ,chlorine gas, sarin gas and phosgene, that’s a fun one, it melts you from the inside out!

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That’s a rare one! Not a bad idea…

Oh its a story? I literally meant it as “whats a rammstein?”

Well, yes, but tempus fugit :expressionless:

No true metalhead would slay Jack Black.

Edit: Slayer though. There’s a band that delivers.


It’ll be a story! rammstein is a german band known for their less-than-tasteful lyrics about freaky shit.