FallenAngel Tribute (FreshlyPillowed)

Just starting to learn how to draw fluffys and im having alot of fun with it.

I used
Mutual Benefits # 2 / 2 ( by: FallenAngel007 )

as a reference.

gonna take a while before i get confident with it (i need to figure out how to make my fluffys look more flocked) but gonna post some fan arts of my favorite artists styles.


Just draw them with more serated lines.
Like what you did on the back leg of the mother.
Thats what I do to make mine look more fuzzy.


Yes, this is what I do too. Also adding the “fuzz” to the main body lines can make them look fuzzier.

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You’re already improving :slight_smile: Good work!

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Nice work , keep it up :+1:


Cute. I must probe Fallen Angel style too.