[fanart] Angel, you're destroying me || Vae (me)

Fanart for @FallenAngel007’s amazing comic
Dear Angel, I love your comic, but I think I’m starting to get a little too much addicted. Please, continue and never stop <3 I love all your characters, but Leafy is just the best. Since she’s so small and light, I got an idea of her riding on Acorn (with Faust in the background, I can’t draw birds up close heh)

Author Notes:

Y'all don't HAVE to read these, but I'd be glad

No kidding, this is my FIRST PICTURE in ONE WHOLE YEAR that I actually shaded. I haven’t done shading in a YEAR. I don’t think it looks that good, but hey, better than without (ye sorry Angel, kinda stole your style of shading. I’ll return it one day)
Leafy looks like a little cute blob but it is hARD TO ACTUALLY DRAW HER. How do you do it??? And backgrounds are so hard as well ;-;
Also, I haven’t drawn fluffies for so long that I forgot how I drew them before, however, I kinda like it. I actually found a way to make them fluffy without it taking 100 years
Rant over ^^"

PS: btw new comic maybe soon


Ride em, cowboy!


Yay! On a noble quest to slay slugs from Mommah’s garden?


Definitely, or maybe on the way for some tasty mushrooms ^^

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Ah yes…

Light cavalry


They were nerfed a little too hard last edition so I’m glad they’re back and viable in the current meta.


Wow this is awesome, love it :blush: they are enjoying the out doors. Love the setting as well

@Virga i usually draw rough circles thats how i draw fluffys i started on the head first, nuzzle, and cheek then a bigger round on the body.

Once im done, i proceed on inking it, thats where i add the curve to make the fluff of the fur.


Is that a Tier Zoo reference I see?

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Charge of the Extremely Light Brigade.

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I’m so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so glad you like it----

ehm thank you! that sounds cool!

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