Farm Chores (Plushkinn0w0)

The sound of plates clattering and the smell of bacon awoke your slumbering mind. Daddeh would be heading out soon to do his round of chores. You roll over and hop out of bed to go get some breakfast with him. Daddeh does your hair and sets down your bowl. “Fank 'ou Daddeh!”
“A’ight girl get it in ya and lets get down there your Gran’dad’s waiting”
“Gwan’dad waiting? Otay huwwy!”
You scarf down your breakfast, throw on your lil rubber boots, and head down to the Fluffy Farm with Daddeh to see how you can help today!

Down at the barn Daddeh has already made his way and is talking to Gwan’dad. (Stupid lil fluffy legs dont walk fast enough!) You plop down next to Daddeh, catching your breath from the trek down only managing to catch the tail end of their conversation. “Can’t we wait longer? She’s due so-” Gran’dad cuts him off with whisper yell “You know we can’t! What if it spreads! We…we can’t afford that.” They both sigh and turn their gaze to a preganant mare sitting alone in the barn. You wave and start to approach her but your Daddeh stops you. “No honey she’s sick, you cant go near her.” You hear him mutter curse words under his breath. “Maybe, uh, maybe just go stand behind that tree for a minute. No looking!” Daddeh says it with a light-hearted tone at he end but you can also hear his voice waver. Stepping behind the tree you cant help but wonder what could have Daddeh so worried. It doesnt last long before curiousity gets the better of you and you peek out from hiding spot. Daddeh is holding something towards the soon be mummah, you barely hear him apologize to her before he pulls the trigger.


You’re frozen.
Eyes stuck open wide.
What just happened?
You’re too shocked to even cry. Before you have a chance to recover they are dragging the body over to a hooked bar and hoisting it in the air. Cutting her throat and front ankles, letting all the blood drain from the body.

You watch the knife travel down the front of the body. The organs slip out of the body and hit the concrete with a disgusting slop sound. It echos in your ears.
Daddeh’s voice brings you back to reality “oh shit, they’re still alive and…and moving!” Your gaze falls to the pile of organs, it shifts and wiggles as the unborn foals writhe in their placentas, trying to escape. It only lasts a few seconds but it feels like an eternity as you stare at them in horror. Their mouths opening and closing in the hopes of getting air to their lungs all while sucking down more and more amniotic fluid. Their feet flailing in desperate attempt to break the placenta, slowly losing their strength as the life slips from their bodies. Your legs give out and you finally break free from the trance, hiding behind the tree once more.

“All done sweet-heart lets head back up to the house and watch some TV, eh?”
You look up at Daddeh, eyes no longer holding the innocent gleam they once did. “Sure Daddeh”

As you walk back up to the house you look back one last time to see Gran’dad unhooking the now skinned and decapitated body and loading it into a trailer attached to his quad.
As he drives away you whisper softly to youself “Bye-bye Fwuffy” and continue your journey home.


Decided to fluffize my childhood trauma for…funsies? for coping? idk man. I haven’t written anything since highschool. Hope you enjoy regardless.
Is this Bleakbox or Sadbox? I cant decide but will tag both.
Thanks for reading.


I remember when my dad made me clean my first deer. Though mine didn’t have unborn children inside of it.


As someone who’s grown up in farm country and had a good amount of dairy and meat farmers living around me, I feel you.




this was wonderfully written, im sorry you had to see such a thing so young .


This is low key genius.


Okay, I love this. This has been a good treat, especially with the perspective and lack of knowledge on the Fluffies part. Perhaps for the Fluffy this would be Sadbox?

I kinda felt it was neutral more, a necessity due to the mare being sick, but then again this was from the Fluffies perspective so … this fits XD.


I like it. And the art goes so well with it.


The art is top notch

chef’s kiss


I am astounded at not only the quality of your writing, the quality of your art, but the consistency of the quality and how you choose to present your perspective.

This is good shit. I’d be excited for you to team up with a sadbox writer and absolutely rip our souls out through our see places


It’s interesting, some of us saw a similar scene when someone in the family was preparing dinner