Farmer Foals Ch.2 (by Doc)

I was honestly pretty annoyed as I walked towards the coffee table. Although, out of morbid curiosity, I slowly sneaked around and hid behind an arm chair close to the table. The curiosity of who was starting the ruckus too much for me not to spy on them. When I peeked out, to my surprise, the two foals seemingly arguing was the two unmentioned foals of the four. A…very angry looking bright orange fluffy who had a red orange like face of violent rage. That did include angry big puffy cheeks with big angry tears streaming down his face. That’s just great…I remember this little bastard! He always had a temper to the point where his mother had to keep him away from his brothers.

The other foal being one of an muddle pale blue, very much standing on his back legs. “GIT OUT OWANGE WAY! WAN GIB DUMMEH POOPIE BABBEH FOREVA SWEEPIES!” I seriously would describe the orange foal as being, “Iron Lunged.” His yelling was powerful and loud enough to scare the “bestest babbeh,” who was at the moment embarrassing shitting himself and bawling his eyes out for mummah. “NU! MUMMAH FAWT WE EN TWOBA BWUDDA! BWOWN BWUDDA NU BAD!” Blue shouted, nowhere near hitting the volumes his brother is. Still, it did touch my heart a little to see that at least one of the foals had the balls to stand up to his tempered brother. Blue had his front legs reaching out to his sides, Brown behind him, bawling like…well, like a foal. “Nu. Nuuuu! Bwudda yu git foweva sweepies!” Brown tried talk his brother out of defending him. Yet, Blue didn’t wanna hear none of it. “NU BWOWN BWUDDA. FWUFFIE HATE DUMMEH MUMMAH FUR-!” The next thing shocked me….well I guess it technically shouldn’t. I thought these dumb bastards would know better! Orange straight up bashed his hooves into Blue’s face. The results caused Brown to screech and so did Green. Poor Blue fell, his face was bleeding profusely from the nose. He twitched and chirped, clearly, in shock from being so violently struck. Brown held onto Blue, “B-bwudda giv huggies!” A precious intention as Orange’s face was steaming, very much about to strike a frightened Brown who held onto his shock ridden brother. His adorable chirps of fear were enough to send chills down anyone’s spine.

Despite this a rather pathetic voice shouted, “D-Dummeh!” The angry hooves ceased their, in-progress, stomping, turning his face to glare at Green. “WHO CAWL DUMMEH,” Orange shouted, his rage and lung capacity still a scary feat. “Daddeh giv fwuffies foweva sweepies nuw! HATE CHU HATE CHU-!” Poor Green was flailing his arms, throwing an angry fit with tears streaming down his face. The terror seemed pretty damn geniune…Maybe I over did it back there? This was when I decided to just running towards the box. Green was cut off and screaming because Orange straight up tackled and began biting him. The biting was very brutal. Blood was dripping from the bite wounds on his back, Orange’s teeth holding on as he literally peels the skin and fluff off as it snaps off like a rubberband. The very loud screams of Green were apparent to the pain he was feeling. “MM! SHUD UP! MMMPH DUMMEH! NU BWUDDA UF OWA-!”

Without thinking, I instinctively press two fingers around that bastard…bratty…shitrat’s neck. Orange felt his neck being squished and instinctively looked up. His mouth wide open in fear, all anger replaced with a look of surprise. The sight enough to make him drop the piece of fluffy flesh that faintly sat in his tiny mouth. What he saw was a bearded man wearing glasses, his face sculpted with a moderate amount of boldness. That man being I, as I picked him up by his neck. Orange flailed his little limbs, his face contorted in one of shock, fear, with a hint of rage. Little shit, he’s getting mad at me? It’s his fault he’s in trouble now. The three foals were all too distracted by their current ongoings to really pay attention to me. Brown was hugging Blue who just was bawling hard, tightly hugging his brother. “O-Owange Bwudda scawwwwyyyy!” Green was just panting, his back bleeding, understandably in more shock than Blue. After all, the idiot got part of his back ripped off.

“ACK! UURGH!” Oh fuck, I forgot I was choking him! Orange’s eyes were bloodshot, hacking up. With severe desperation, his little mouth attempted to bite my fingers. He did get my middle finger, making me relapse in pain. “OOOUU!” This did little to help him though, and it was apparent from my grip loosening for a second of air, only to tighten even more when catching my bearings. “ACK! Ddumm! Homkk!” I just laughed my ass off, walking more down the long hallway. The faint cries of the other foals becoming completely silent the further in I went in. The hallway had nothing on the walls, nothing but long black painted walls that coated the hall till a dim light is reached at the end with a metal door. I decided to finally ease up on the choking session, fingers now easing off the neck. The nearly suffocated orange foal gasped for air, hyperventilating from its near death experience. “ack! D-dummeh humma-pant. Amus giv fwu…foweva sweepies!” Despite the suffocation, Orange was still quite loud despite still gasping for air. That just made me shrug, finally reaching the door to the forbidden room. My hand grips the door knob, turning it; I began pushing the door open. As it swung open, the room inside was much more brightly lit. I remember I cheapened out though as no windows was apparent even in this room. But, they weren’t necessary as I looked around. The room was painted bright white with thick carpet, the walls and ceiling coated in thick grey foam. “Wut dis dum woom?” Orange looked disinterested, still faintly having a bit of his angry teary eyes under the bags. It looked like the choking took a lot out of him. “This ya little shit, is the mega sorry room.” The sheer mention of sorry junction with a noun made Orange shudder and faintly stutter. Despite his attempts at staying tough, I could see that “tough” visage start fading away. “S-sowy woom,” he asked, chirping as I tossed him on the carpet. I went and shut the door. After all, I can’t let him get out, or else I would probably just shoot him.

I looked to my left to see the bag resting on the floor. As I open it, I keep an eye on Orange who was sitting in one spot, starting to shake. “O-Owange nu scawed!” Oh my god I almost started laughing my ass off! “Yeah yeah. Keep telling yourself that.” I pull out heavy duty ear muffs. On the side it has etched, “Made by Mad Men! Need your fluffy to keep irs hearing in loud saw mills? Loud concerts? Say no more! With these heavy duty ear muffs made for fluffies, they will only feel the bass!” I went over and bent my knee down, Orange now having a face of timid fear. “O-owange sowy! Owange be gud fwuffie!” I just flicked his nose, ”Shut the fuck up. First, ya wanted to kill your brother by giving him forever sleepies. You hurt your brother Blue, and Green by biting part of his back off!” Each reminder only made Orange cry harder. “YOU ALSO TRIED TO FUCKING BITE ME! AND NOW YOUR SAYING SORRY?” I grabbed his head and tilted it back to make him look up at the ceiling. “Well shit rat! LOOK UP! Ya see that?” Orange did definitely see that the ceiling had this…insane…massive speaker. In fact, he looked both ways to see that the walls and even the floor had speakers built in. “B…big scawy nous bax,” Orange cried out, squirming as I forced the ear muffs on, using the built in clamps on the sides so he couldn’t take it off. “THATS RIGHT! DONT WORRY YOU’LL SEE SOOON! NOW STAY!” Wow…I am having way too much fun with this. I just got up, walking to the door. “D-Daddeeeh!” Orange was chasing after me, running on his cute little legs. I don’t even think he heard what I just said. It didn’t matter as I just rush out and slam the door behind me, locking it so he can’t escape. I can barely hear his bawling with angry yelling that was heavily muffled by the room. “HATE CHU! CHIRP! C-CHIIIRP! HATE CHUUUU DADDEH! DADDEH DIE WAN DADDEH DIE!”

Damn, his mom wasn’t kidding about that temper. He’s even banging his little hooves violently on the door. I look to the right, opening a slide door to a small touch screen. The screen is on a song selection, “Hmmm lets see, where’s the one for punishing temper tantrums?” I scroll through with a swipe of my finger, finding it under the label, “My Song for Angry Foals.” With a push of a button, the speakers inside wail so loud that they make even me jump! That is before the insanely loud, heavy electric guitars start playing. On a faint pause after a chord is when the most bass heavy, powerful drums start blasting through. It’s enough to even shake the hallway, as I feel the bass in my feet. I can’t even hear Orange’s screams anymore, deciding to walk away. The song’s lyrics kick in with,”UAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOOOGH! YOUR A SHITTY LITTLE TEMPERED FLUFFY! NOBODY LOOOOVES YUOUUUUUUUUUUUGHHHHHH!” God I hate screamo, but it was too funny. It definitely was worth the week of silence I had to do after! Even as I walk away, I could swear I could hear Orange screeching at the top of his lungs, but it’s got to be my imagination…either that or god damn do they blend so damn nicely onto the song! If Orange survives, I’m definitely using him for improving the song.


This one took longer cause I kept getting caught up in irl stuff. That and I wanted to give some time to try fleshing out this chapter more and to show off the brothers especially Orange.


Damn that temper tantrum orange would be dead deaf after that! :metal: Unless it still survived


Lol. I dunno. Here’s hoping the ear muffs are effective…unless I don’t know how heavy bass works owo. I just was like,”Hmm whats the best way to punish a temper heavy fluffy without doing the norm?…GOT IT, HEAVY METAL WITH MASSIVE SPEAKERS SO POWAFUL IT SHAKE! HOUUSE!”

Also your actually one of my inspirations duuude. I always loved the character ya give your fluffies. Also the designs of your fluffies…god they’re so fucking chubby I wanna squeeze em!

(Also damn it had to post it twice cause the draft didn’t keep track of it being a reply T-T Fffuuuucl!)


The wall of text is hard to read.

Yeah I could of formatted it a bit better. Hold on.

Edit:split them into pieces to try and make it easier to read.

Oh wow Im honored :smiley:

Yyyyeeeeeeeeaaah! :smiley: Its currently past 4 am and all I think about is music and fluffies.

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you just gonna make a nihilist fluffy. :thinking:

Shut up and take my money. :pound:

And it’s not as sorry room if the idea is to kill the fluffy just a dungeon.

Hmmmmmm maybe it do both?