Fat Mare pt 10 (TheBigBrother)

I was sick yesterday so I didn’t have time to draw sadly.
I tried to have a different thought for the major 4 boxes, hopefully that comes across. Looking forward to how the owner reacts to her ruse. a lot of people flip out over lying, but blueberry’s mom was very understanding, still playing with ideas in my mind.


NO.3 seems the most likely, the fact cherry is so fat means the owner didnt exactly give it the best care so i doubt he will take kindly to having a second to deal with. especcially one with so many health issues.

I feel very seen and represented in these.

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I’m somewhat scared to ask which one? But I’m glad you feel seen.

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I feel like the first one is the most logical, and could lead to Cherry showing her owner the egg where the foal came from.

Although that might just raise further questions

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Mainly the first three and possibly the last one. If I had a fluffy I’d feed it greasy Olive Garden.

Number 4 is hillarious
But 1 and 3 are more likely
1 even more due the foal being a runt. The owner is unlikely to make her choose over a defective unit