Fat Mare Pt 20 (TheBigBrother)

I’ve missed cherry the comic isn’t the same without her. Thanks for all the great names @BFM101 had a heart felt one @FederalChemical1728 feels very real for his design, @Brayatansempai made me laugh and @clover with a good jojo’s I may have to put them all in a hat and pull a winner :smiley:


Oof, that’s rough buddy.

I get that’s it’s probably procedure to neuter ferals but the ripping feels like it’s more for personal enjoyment


Surprised the foal made a choice so quick. Can’t wait for Cherry to get it back now!


-Little fucker undergoes painful and inhumane surgery that would make most vets scratch their heads and point fingers in protest. Some even considered unnecessary due lack of signs
-Cherry gets poked and a delicious lollipop, and forgets to fluffspeak too kek

Ah, the system works!
Seeing the last panel got a chuckle out from me


Thanks I use a fluffy translator and read through it but just missed that it didn’t change to Mistah lol.
I was hoping to get at least a hearty exhale from people so a chuckle is a huge complement :slight_smile:


Dude, it was a great punchline. Reminded me of old cartoon network shows in episodes where someone would go through hell while someone else had a good or even meh experience in a given place and they’d meet by the exit.
Kind of a dash from the past for me, but full of fluffy gore which makes it better


Glad to made you laugh <3

@BFM101 the procedural here is pretty similar to one of the many methods used in neutering, the only difference is the hook is used in each testicle and the hook is attached to a drill. It’s fast and i don’t know if painful or not.

Why does that sound even worse?


I don’t know if such vids can be uploaded here, is no really torture because it’s done by a vet and anesthesia is used

It’s known as the Henderson method

-internal screaming-

Ok, I will definitively stick to small species. One more reason to not work with cattle nor big animals

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