Fat Mare Pt 7 (TheBigBrother)

Every day I’m so excited to get to draw and talk to such wonderful people, Had a ton of fun drawing this one. Hopefully it’s not too weird with poop and all.


No, it’s not too werid. There are pictures on the site of foals being Vlad-the-impaler’d on penises. I hold hope this fat shit and her baby suffer <3.


If Cherry wants to help herself then she needs to dive into that pile of shit, pull that baby out and warm it in her fat folds.

She wants to be a mother, start mothering


I love that sentence, so creative made me laugh out loud for real :smiley: .

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Thanks for the approval :smiley: I get nervous because of my background I really shouldn’t be concerned here though.
Right now It’s likely going to be neutral or hugbox, but I’m going to add some abuse endings into a after story. I think that could be fun :slight_smile: .


Oh, you sweet, innocent child…

One day, you will meet BOZDO, just as we have.

Once you have met BOZDO, nothing will ever seem weird again by comparison.


Fair. I guess it’s not weird for you seeing it but it’s weird to me to make it lol. I’ve seen wild stuff online way crazier than this but I’ve never drawn it before so it felt odd.

How the fuck is she so fat

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