Fat Mare Pt3 (TheBigBrother

I don’t have as much consistency as I would like when drawing these. Hopefully I’ll get better at that.


I said on Reddit that taking her to the park was a bad idea.

Thankfully that little red guy has his priorities straight. Raise towers, not children.


I didn’t realize you were on both lol. I imagine there’s a ton of crossover between the websites.
I think I’m going to have some splits on this story. I was going to have other ones be more abusive too.

I love the idea of a fluffy “practicing blockies”

Just a few little criticisms though, two with red fluffy’s speech. “Fawt” would be fart, not fat. Secondly the lack of comma makes it sound like he’s saying the mare is the one practicing blockies.

“Inswide” also, you’re just putting random w’s for no reason it what it seems. Do you get the purpose of the w’s? I’m trying to help and hope I don’t come off as being mean. I see so many people using “wowest” which makes no sense that I ’m not sure if people actually understand fluffy speak or not

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There is a fluff speak generator somewhere

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I would love that my English isn’t fantastic and fluffy or owo speech is worse so that would be a great tool!

Well, I understand but I’m not great at writing it. Writing in general isn’t my strong suit so adding a speech impediment on top of it only exacerbates the problem. If there was somewhere to translate or a quick reff guide that would be awesome. I appreciate the feedback though!

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He is strong in the Emperor

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Fluffy Talk Translator ― LingoJam here ya go!


Thank you It really helped out on my latest comic :smiley:

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Enf mawes git bwockies

This so much this, ive been doing this for so long i dont even realise im doing it until its finished i always just see fluffys taking with a lispy voice the Ws sneak in there

Imagine a fluffy that is so ugly and retarded that even other fluffies wouldn’t fuck it. Goddamn. A literal fluffcel.

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Has to be the first time I’ve seen a fluff-speak grammar nazi. :laughing:
Both are perfectly passable IMO, you can infer from context what they’re saying, and it’s enough to imply the fluffy speech style.

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No reason not to make it cohesive and instantly understandable though. The whole point of grammar in the first place. Just because you can sift through text and parse the meaning doesn’t mean that should be the default.

Coco and her special friend are going to have beautiful babies. Love their colors.

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