Fate of brownie (by Labcoat) Chapter 7

I’d argue Loc was the slut here,

Dudes been looking to get his dick wet since he came into this story and it was him to brought up the humping.

Sure Petal could’ve said no but she’s a feral who lost her foals and now has relative safety to raise new ones. She didn’t know dad was going to say ‘no kids’.


True. But Any permanent punishment to loch would cause issue with Brownie due to him being close to Loch. That is why I would have just shaved Loch Bald. Although Loch watching his Spechaw Fwiend getting multiple (painful) tattoos of their crime would probably be enough.

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yeah,he did had two sorry boxes if i remember correctly,leaving them outside is more of a bad dog thing,but well he IS a first time owner

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I know this is weird why not put the 2 bad ones in the sorry box and something

They are both to blame Loch Nes does not know better

If brownie tattles have the owner show them a video of what happens to fluffys in the wild just cruel and brutal death, then see if they still want to run away.


Scared straight approach. Bonus points if their Daddy shows what happens to Fluffies like Brownie and Loc Ness

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Fucking Loc Nes piece of shit, I remember how Brownie was a true homie and decided not to play with the pretty mares back in the daycare center, but Loc Ness just gets a taste of dat pussy and he goes chimp monkey bananas for it. I mean, good for him but where’s the loyalty? where’s the hustle? where’s the respetc towards his homie Brownie? And specially towards the daddy?. Poor old timer… has back pains, it seems his wife is no longer with him(either dead or separated, who knows) but this man goes to great lengths to not only give a good house to one but two fluffies!.

What a piece of shit “friend” Loc Nes is… but oh well, hope that harlot mare gets disemboweled slowly, but I know it won’t happen.

Still! good story tho! entertaining and intriging! I’m hooked and expecting to see what comes next. Hopefully I can vote next time but! I am glad “Call for daddeh” was the winner, that would have been my obvious choice.


if anyone deserves to breed it the brown one!

I love that the community is hardcore “nope, we want a happy ending for once” here.


This is a fun story and I am patiently awaiting the next installment.


Brownie should call daddeh then get punished for being a tattletale

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As much as I don’t like narcs, I think it would be best for Brownie to tattle.