Favourite Genre/Story?

Hello again everyone!

I thought i’d make a little bit of a poll. Apologies if this has been done before.

As the title says im curious as to what you like most with the fluffy fandom and the art that is made with it? It does not have to be a specific genre/story or anything. Im just looking to see what we enjoy most about them and why?

For the content creators I have a bit of a bonus question; which piece did you most enjoy making? Like the previous question anything goes, art, comics, stories and everything else are most welcome.


I don’t usually review the work of others a lot, but what I like to draw the most are scenarios where people with poor mental health interact with fluffy ones, also the way in which the daily lives of children and young people would change in a world plagued by these creatures.
I also love to experiment with their biology.

Stories of karma or justified abuse are also great.


I love hugbox and neutral. I appreciate good sadbox. Abuse needs to be saying something (“because fuck you, that’s why” isn’t enough).

My favorite creation so far? The second Napoleon and Hippolyta had me snickering before, during, after I was done. Follow Me To Skettiland is one I’m most proud of, followed by Fluffy jobs.


Though I consider myself a multiboxer and am fond of just about any well-made content, I do have a bias toward weirdbox since it’s what brought me into the fandom to begin with.

As far as my own content, I really haven’t done much thus far, but The Meta holds a special place in my heart.


Honestly this drawing has to have been the most fun to draw, as I hadn’t properly drawn fluffies for two months beforehand. As for story-related things, I’m a sucker for fluffies like the ones @Star-The-Alicorn creates, where they’re closer to humans and more intelligent. I also just love headcanon-heavy things, gets me inspired!


My favorite genre is abuse as it can range the gamut of a simply denying of a fluffies anything just to watch them suffer to straight up grotesquely mass slaughter there’s no limit only what the writer/artist can create. I also like Sadbox as the depressing end shows that there’s no happy ending for a fluffy.

Some of my favorite abuse stories:

Firearm By Reddith83r

The van man By stwumpo

There is a lot of things that they don’t tell you about the fluffy owning experience
By Every-Confusion1869

Saferoom no more By Ever-Confusion1869

Hate. Such a wonderful thing By Myster-M


My favorite story isn’t on here, but it’s the one about people finding a gate to Hell under the Vatican, sending fluffies in to explore it, and the fluffies breeding until Hell reaches max capacity and surrenders.


I’m all about the abuse justified or not. I love it when the universe folds in on it’s self just to shit on a fluffy.

I also enjoy stories where fluffies overcome their fluffyness and become more perceptive or intelligent. Best examples I can think of are the fluffy helpers in the Sam & Will stories or the superfluffs in the NobodyAtAll multiverse. There was another story I read a while ago where a breeder rented out his herd for yard maintenance and the foreman fluffy (I think his name was Red) was older and spoke like a tired landscaper. If anyone knows that one please link the story, Red was a major inspiration for my own Damien.


Rosemary by Jim Profit, Red turns up about half way through the series but he makes an impact all the same


I’m a big fan of FallenAngel007’s Invited series, there’s a level of eldritch type horror that I really enjoy, plus seeing a brown fluffy get its due diligence is always nice.

Also enjoying Magentademon’s Smarty Party and am looking forward to seeing where she goes with it. It was one of the first stories that got me into the Fluffy-verse and I did take some inspiration (cough, totally ripped-off, cough) for my own stories.

On a personal level, I am proud of how Josef & The Awful Technicolor Smarty Herd came out, I might have tried to do it a little more sadbox, especially when it came to psychologically abusing the herd. But as a series that lets Josef loose to do his own thing, I’m happy with it.