Feather plucking. (by: artist-kun)


Thanks for posting @Mr_Owl

First you find as many Pegasi as you can. Pluck all their feathers.
Find an earthie and stab all the feathers into it. And tell it if it can fly, you’ll give it sketties, but if it can’t fly, you will cook it Gr1m_1 sea-fluffy style but don’t actually cook it. Just leave the earthie without legs or organs except for the brain until it becomes brain dead. Then tell the featherless Pegasi to eat the earthie after death and if they don’t their intestines will be used as a substitute for sketties. After telling them this, break all their teeth and tell them “good luck!”

A complicated scheme, not gonna lie


Would make a good comic too


Wait, @Mr_Owl is posting these? Why are they categorized under Image Self-Posting if they aren’t posted by AK?

Either way, I’m happy these old images are resurfacing. :hugs:


I should explain. Mr Owl helps FC post old archived stuff systematically, and we just shift ownership to the proper creator once done. I was away for a bit and missed when this practice started myself.


Their wings are useless anyway, so might as well pluck them.