Felicia's annual bonus (by:Tyndalo8825)

Thanks to @Chikahiro for the idea he gave me.

  • Hello miss Salas, the reason I sent her to my office is to tell her that we have not had good sales this year and as Chocodrop will remember, she ruin the only opportunity to improve profits.

  • Oh if Mr. O’Neil I remember that tragic day.

  • Unfortunately there will be no year-end bonus for you and Van, but I don’t want sad faces so I gave them a small gift that roughly equals the cash amount of their bonus.

  • Oh my… you wouldn’t have bothered Mr O’Neil but thank you very much

  • Prepared Miss Salas?.. 3…2…1 surprise!

-W…w…wow if it’s a surprise…

  • Is something happening Miss Salas? I know it’s not the best color but there wasn’t another alicorn in the last litter that had mint.

  • Oh…no no no mister O’Neil It’s just that I was too impressed by the gift… Thanks a lot me encanta.

  • ho ho ho That’s my girl happy holidays

  • Happy Holidays Mr. O’Neil…


Foal thinks of nothing but tiddies all day


Hahaha or she was hungry XD




Also, what’s her deal again? Is she an abuser?


Depending upon headcanon. Even a brown alicorn could be worth quite a bit. If it has a good mane color or breeds more alicorns, you can just take in money.

I know fluffies are just awful, but still. Potential payoffs as long as he lives.

Or ( hugboxers please look away ) you can torture him to death. Either or.


Of course she is an abuser, but the money at the end of the year is better than a poop alicorn.


Why is she an abuser?

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Perhaps she can smother it with her boobs on a cam show. I bet the kind of guys who are into that would pay a lot.


I’ve thought of something like a fluffy red room channel.

But I feel like XD has already been done

@JustGwen I haven’t given a background to her hatred of fluffies she just hates them.


Hahaha yaaaay! Thank you! This was awesome! :slight_smile:

What feels better than dead fluffy? CASH!


The worst part: that Alicorn is sti worth money. But if she wants to get any cash out of it? She has to keep it alive and healthy. Not necessarily HAPPY but healthy.

I get the feeling she’d be cute.

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Pervert Foals go into the wood chipper


I’ll help with that.

Come here Napoleon!!!


IDK, maybe she thinks they’re racist or shit?

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After you mentioned booba



I got a bonus for that brown sugar goddess, a big fat one right here in my pocket.


I wonder what happens next.

i hate her not for murdering fluffies, but for reminding me of all the punks who work in my shop.
Disloyal whore working to the detriment of the place of employment.

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You must breed it well, buyers pay much more if they are well bred. The color is already ugly by the normal standard of fluffys, if you raise it badly, even selling it may be worth less than a normal fluffy despite being so special. but if he breeds it well, if he knows some other trick, he can sell it a lot (it will depend on the buyer, although they mostly request that they be females to make them fuck; if it is a male, he will not earn as much but if he does)