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I know that most headcanons have it that mares will love their tummeh-babbehs regardless of consensual enfing or not but it does feel like an old wives tale that got passed around until most folks just consider it truth because they don’t care to think differently.

Regardless of whether Sherbet has golden jizz or not, bullying the mares into submission isn’t going yield good results if the mare is too emotionally fucked to carry to term.


Yeah… very odd exceptions to this could be if a mare that doesnt know where babbehs come from gets nonconsentual enfs and not put 2 and 2 together but these mare more commonly occur with BMS mares that runaway from home cuz was told they cant have foals or something like that… but this may ne a headcanon thing


very true. though the hive mind has declared this little trio is in fact, a lesbian throuple. So they dont need a stallion until they ask their pushover of an owner for more bebbehs.

All inclusive luxury cottagecore gay fluffy communism with one man-servant to clean the shitbox.


It’s the future those ruddy liberals are trying to force on us.


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I offer you Caramel in case the ladies want more babies and a kind and mild mannered stallion to stud for em


So he got 2 of the 3 huh?


Kyle could easily go to a mill or shelter and find some mawes who would happily have babbehs if it meant having a home, most would even prefer the opportunity for babbehs, that way he has happy mares who will be nurturing during pregnancy and will raise the foals well rather then lack motivation and neglect their babbehs like many “unwilling” mares would, fluffs from mills are what 2 dollars if that 90% of them take a one way trip to the incinerator anyway, buy the mares in bulk thats less then a dollar a mare i reckon, then once the foals reach colthood just release the mares into sweet haven of the alleyway and repeat with a new one. :shrug:

Sherbert is a typical breeding stallion, he aint gonna get attached to any of the mares so let him pump and dump :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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though these mares aren’t for prophet, their colors dont matter to him as he seems to love them as pets first, breeding them and selling the babys more as a happy bonus. he probably worries pets first, prophet second

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my human protagonist is operating on the idea that a free range fluffy will produce higher quality foals and that the colorations arent random or genetics; but the product of the health of the mother. So a fluffy of dull colors, like peaches and sunny, allowed to free feed on cabbage and parsely in a moderate sized enclosure will eventually produce brighter colored foals.

like Kobe beef, its equal parts nature and nurture.