Fill Milk bottle before xmas trip! (Artist: Carpdime) (Fb id: 49375)



It pays to be vigilant towards your holiday arrangements…

  • Carpdime, December 21 2017

So you came back, teased our dicks a lil, then left again?

  • lurkerboy, Date unknown

Please come back Carpdime :frowning:

  • Fluffy_lover96, Date unknown

This was the last picture Carpdime did in 2017. he disappeared for three years.

No one thought he would come back.

And then…


Even if the instructions were followed, the little fuck nuggets would have died from excessive shitting by time the vacation was over. Some decks just aren’t shuffled right.



Get fucked.

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If they weren’t gonna feed the foals, might as well have crushed and trashed them instead.

Live stream them to the net. I bet someone would enjoy it

I think they did but the bottle is open top and meant to clip over the side of the box
The weight tore the box wall and the nipple fell out while the milk spilled
Still neglect but for giving them a shit cardboard box

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Fluffies in the wild have to find their own shit cardboard boxes. They’re just always so ungrateful no matter what you do for them.

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