FIlling the Space Pt. 23 [By MuffinMantis]

Part Twenty-Two

The fluffies wailed as they were carried away, pleading hopelessly, but their mummah only watched callously. They didn’t want to go with the scary man! They needed their mummah! But it was clear that their mummah didn’t need them anymore.

“You lot really fucked up, didn’t you?” the man chortled mockingly. “Imagine being so ungrateful that you end up being enfie-toys and litter-pals! God, I can never get over how stupid fluffies are!”

“Pwease, nice mistuh! Jus’ kiww fwuffies!”

“Hell no. Now that your mummah doesn’t want you, I can do whatever I want to you. You should’ve thought about what could’ve happened before you drove your owner away. But that’s the thing, isn’t it? Fluffies don’t think. You only want things.”

As they were placed once more into the back of the truck, they stopped begging and wailing. There was no point anymore. It was all over. They couldn’t be good fluffies for mummah, they couldn’t live on their own, and they couldn’t even die properly! The doors of the truck closed with a boom, and they were dropped into darkness once more.

They sat in the darkness, waiting for the lurch of the truck moving once more, waiting to be taken to their own private Hell. In the silence, however, they heard muffled conversation, although they couldn’t make out the words. It didn’t matter, though. They knew they were doomed.

The doors of the truck opened once more, and the man was standing there again. Confused and frightened, they set up their pleading again. Had they not noticed the trip? Were they here already?


“Nu can num poopies 'gain! Nu can! NU CAN!”

“Pwease! Nu taek weggies an’ seein’-pwace! Nee’ fow wunnin’ an pwayin’!”

“Pwease kiww Aqua!”

“Fwuffies desewbe dis…”

“Pwease, onwy maek Hope enfie-mawe! Nu huwt babbehs!”

“Shut the fuck up. God, you’re annoying. But lucky. It looks like your mummah is giving you one more chance.”

The fluffies cried out in joy, but their celebration was short lived. The man sprayed them down with something, some horrible burning chemical. “Normally I’d apologize for this, if you were good fluffies, but we have to make sure you’re all disinfected before you leave our care. It’s not nearly as much as I’d like to do to you lot, but at least it hurts.”

They were hauled out of the truck, eyes weeping and vision blurred from the horrible disinfectant, but inside their hearts soared. Their mummah loved them again! She was giving them another chance! Each and every one made the resolution, deep in their hearts, that they would never demand anything, ever again.

In the saferoom, they all lay there, damp from the long, long baths. They’d endured in silence, though; compared to what they’d been through, what had almost happened to them, a bath was practically Heaven! Still, their stomachs growled, since it’d been so long since they’d last eaten.

“Well? Anything to say? How about you, Victor?”

“Victow am sowwy, mummah. Victow nyo nao dat nummies nu am easy to fin’, dat fwuffies nu can taek cawe of babbehs on dewe own.”

“How about the rest of you?”

“Sunbeam…Sunbeam wan mummah tu taek babbehs 'way.”

“And why is that?”

“Sunbeam nu am gud fwuffy, nu desewbe babbehs. Nu woud be gud mummah, woud onwy hab bad babbehs. Nu wan babbehs hab tummeh-owwies, hu wan babbehs be bad fwuffies wike Sunbeam.”

“And how about you, Hope?”

“Hope am sowwy fow bein’ bad mummah. Sowwy fow wyin’ tu mummah. Sowwy fow wettin’ Sunbeam git tummeh-babbehs. Hope pwomise wiww be gud fwuffy, be gud mummah.”


“No. You and Aqua weren’t the problem here. I shouldn’t have left you with the rest. I’m sorry.”

“Aqua nu am bad fwuffy? Tank 'ou, mummah! Tank 'ou, tank 'ou, tank 'ou!”

Knight, what do you have to say?”

“Knight undastan’ wai mummah weabe fwuffies. Fwuffies wewe onwy gib mummah heawt-owwies. Nu gib wub, onwy wan mowe an’ mowe. Knight pwomise wiww be gud fwuffy 'gain! Wiww maek famiwy be gud fwuffies, if mummah nu weabe famiwy 'gain!”

Knight, do you remember when you came here?”


“I’d been feeling guilty over how I treated you then, so I was too lax on you and your children. That changes now, understand?”

“Knight undastan’.”

“Good. Now, I think it’s time you all had something to eat. I’m still angry at you all, so you won’t be having sketties for a long, long time, but you can have kibble.”

The fluffies devoured the kibble, almost choking in their haste to fill their stomachs, to not feel the horrible gnawing pain anymore. “Kibbwe am bestest nummies ebah!” and other similar exclamations showed their change in perspective. They finally understood what they’d had, and how they’d almost thrown it away.

“Mummah,” Victor asked once he’d eaten the bowl of kibble. His stomach still felt empty, but the pain wasn’t so horrible anymore. “How wong tiww mummah taek wumps 'way?”

“I don’t know. Soon, but not now. I think you’ve learned your lesson. But, if ANY of the mares get tummeh-babbehs again, I won’t just be leaving you to fend for yourselves. I’ll give you to the meanie man myself. Do you understand? All of you?”

The fluffies cried out affirmation. Babbehs? Now? They understood now that they couldn’t care for babbehs, that only their mummah’s generosity and love let them live at all.

“Smokey wiww chew off wumps befowe gib mawe tummeh-babbehs! Smokey pwomise!”

“Good. Now, it’s time for you all to go to sleep.”

“Tank 'ou, mummah. Fow gib fwuffies anoda chance. Fow be su gud tu fwuffies wen fwuffies nu eben wew gud tu 'ou. Knight wubs 'ou.”

“Goodnight.” She walked away without reciprocating his words, and for the first time, he realized how much that hurt.

Sam sat on the sofa, exhausted. It’d been a tiring few days, alternately worrying about the fluffies and being furious at them. The TV was on, but she was watching without really paying any attention, lost in thought. Slowly, she dozed off.

Beside her, unheeded, sat a brochure. It was worn from being read over and over, dozens of times, in the last few days. Pictures of starving, miserable fluffies on the front might almost lead you to believe it was an informational pamphlet by one of the local shelters or hugbox groups, but the title would give you another conclusion.

"Sorryland: Concrete Jungle!

"We at Sorryland are dedicated to making sure your fluffies understand everything you do for them. At our Concrete Jungle location, your fluffies can experience the fear and deprivation of being abandoned, in a safe and controlled environment. From the sharps-free trash piles to the acting staff and trained smarty-friends, every aspect of Sorryland is held to the highest possible standards for safety and realism!

"During your fluffy’s stay at Sorryland, they are guaranteed to see simulated actions of brutality, and our pickup and delivery staff will ensure that fluffies realize just how lucky they were to end up with you, a caring owner! Our patented “starvy-nummies” will make your fluffy believe they are on the brink of death from starvation, while keeping them perfectly safe and with no long-term health effects!

“Sorryland: Fostering Appreciation In Fluffies Since 2027.”

Part Twenty-Four




Sam isn’t really the type who’d actually abandon them all, but stuff like this is fair game. The fluffies really needed a reality check, and Sorryland gave them one.


I had a feeling that Sam was working with the Meanie Man, but I couldn’t work out the right angle

It’s a hell of s lesson but one they’ll never forget


That’s one heck of a twist and reality check for the fluffies. Ingenious!


Called it. But I loved it to bits. You also might have given FC new insight on how to punish fluffies, it’s not often an actual fluffy rehab program has a legit company going above and beyond to knock down some spoiled fluffs a peg or two without resorting to real violence or indoctrination.

This way the fluffies themselves learned the lesson on their own, making it easier for it to really be burned into their memory.


I always found it odd that there weren’t any companies prominently featured in a lot of fluffy stories that focus on harm-free ways of fixing brattishness in fluffies. Usually it ends up being something along the lines of “remove all legs, eyes, ears, and tongue, then roll the fluffy in broken glass,” which doesn’t seem like a terribly good business strategy for return customers.


I know someone was working on a story that had a “park.” Don’t remember who the author was.


Yeah, exactly. Though to an extent, even I have always considered the usual punishments, even the really mild ones (sorry box timeout, spanking, no treats/toys, blander food) when it came to “beloved pet fluffy being a brat”.

You gave me quite a lot to think about. Maybe not something so detailed, involving actors, both human and fluffies, props, special foods and all the works, but something that actually leads to the fluffy itself to realize just how ungrateful it’s being.


I think in universe you could argue that the abundance of cheap store Fluffys or feral mekes it easyer to just get a new one and try better than start to suffer from the now rotten creature you once loved then infesting Time the thing that most people don’t have. This gives meaning to nothing of worth was lost.


Hmm but I argue with the cost factor. I get it and say this would be a good method of ceeping your fluffys almost save while they are shown how much they need you and how rong they were. But if they dont have tini tiny street like rooms for the individual Fluffys there is always the risk of other Fluffys that are in sorry land starting to abuse your fluffys and if it’s just cannibalism out of the feeling of starvation.

@MuffinMantis almost called it but I love that I was wrong and Sam keeped her self abuse free as much as possible at least.

That indeed makes sense, to a certain point. If you’ve invested a lot of time, effort and have grown attached to your pets, going “fook it, I get a new one, this acted too much like a brat” might not be the first action one would take.

It probably is a rather costly venture, I’d imagine. Plus, the abundance of fluffies making them cost a dime a dozen is situational: a universe where fluffies are put under a more realistic view, both for positives and negatives, might not have such a rampant case of fluffy herds literally invading every corner of the world.

This might actually be a problem, but I’d imagine that a simple movie set would be enough to fool fluffies, moreso if you consider they are probably scared out of their minds/feeling lost.

If an abandoned bulding block or other nonsuch is used, I’d suppose the fluffies would be closely monitored to avoid most issues.

One that indeed might happen regardless of precaution, though, is cannibalism. That I don’t have a 100% safe answer for.


Too point one II say that’s a given but if your fluffy has hurt or disappointed you to much I even can understand you giving up on it but than you also wouldn’t get a new one asap.

To the second it seems that in Maffins universe feral are still in abundance and great breeding Mills for cheap fluffys with her help atleast the ones in her city are taken down but I believe it’s not country wide.

To the third if it is a Filmset man that would cost a lot of cash. If it is an abandoned building complex that is owned by the company it would be cheaper but I think the danger off cannibalism or bad enfie would be higher. Or in groups of Fluffys like Sam’s iner conflict that ends in death would be a possibility. I mean Fluffys don’t need to be Hellgremlins or Smarty to attack and kill the would be evil doer that got them send to this hellhole. And I really believe that the company is trying its best to Ceep them safe but Fluffys them self are quite capable of hurting each other fast. I bet with you the Layer’s of Sorry land made sure to put it in to the fine print… We don’t take responsibility for self inflicted damage or damage done by other Fluffys this includes (Sorry Hofsies, Sorry Poopies, Sorry Bities, Bad Enfies, Psychological abuse, Num Poopies or choking on Garbage) :rofl::joy:


well, a little bit of abuse never hurt anybody :wink:

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Ohh you got me there, but very nice idea! A simulation for bad fluffies experiencing the horror of living as feral. Nice…

No wonder last chapter the human taking is kinda funny…they are actors ! And smarty friend included brilliant.

Hope they learn their lesson.

But did they removed or Sunbeam still have her babies?


She still has them. They gave her extra food while the others were sleeping so she wouldn’t miscarry.


I see, sooo will she keep them or sold them once they born?

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That’s highly likely, I daresay.