First post on the community (by zBrugnauts)

My first post here ^^
I did a few posts on fluffybooru back in 2019 then I ran out of ideas
I hope I’ll be more creative on there
Also this is a random fluffy, not an oc


Very cute
don’t forget to add your name after the title

Maybe the fluffy finds some cute foals?


Call your name or owls will yell at you


A lot of fluffies trope died or decreased :v
And it changed a lot too :v


Should you wish to ever brainstorm, there are many here who will happily help!

Nice to see a creator return since so many are leaving right now.

As for what happens next, someone was asking earlier about Fluffies and Poprocks. As Abuse or cute as you interpret it.


How many people are leaving?

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This! Pop Rocks and RC Cola! Up it’s ass!


I dont know your comfort level so a little moron box. The fluff trying to eat a iPhone because it has pictures of nummies on it.

Welcome back. We all keep coming back to fluffies.

Jedan, Carnivorousduck, I know there’s others.

Quite a few have just not posted since before the site went back up.

I didnt know Jedan was leaving.
I know @Pink hasnt posted since the site went down.

Ahem anyway.
Welcome to FC i’m sure you wil enjoy your stay here.
This place on the whole is better then the booru ever was.

Yeah, Jedan said how the story would go and answered some questions.

Same as Morbi did with Poppy O’possum, only without all the pissed off Patreon subscribers.

When did this happen ?

Before the site came back. Via Reddit.

Here is their current account.


Ah okay, thanks.
I generally don’t lurk on Reddit or the fluffy reddit ( they be weird…er there )
So this flew totyally past me.

Shame but it is what it is, people come and people go.

( hope all this doesnt put Reca off too much )

Eh, Fluffy creators come and go. Seems a relief or exploration outlet for many. For Jedan it seemed like a way to feel through trans ideas.

Maybe some creators will pop back on too, or just lurk and post again. In between furry porn comissions anyway, since we all know that’s where the money is.


I’m just drawing fluffies fort a lark personally .
( and getting attached to my kitsune fluffy rambo which i didn’t anticipate)

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Cute hope to see more of your work :blush:

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