Flipper the Seafluffy [by Maple]

Flipper swam to the side of his tank, slapping his tail against the glass.

Flipper was a seafluffy, a small round creature covered in oily blue fur and with a seal-like flipper at the end of every limb. Hence the very creative name.

He swam to the other side of the tank, slapping his tail against the glass again.

Before, when he was in the store, he lived in a very big, if a little crowded, tank with his friends and family. He had more friends than he could count and a large school of siblings and cousins and relatives with relations he couldn’t put a name to.

Flipper swished his tail - once, twice, three times - before turning and slapping it against the glass of the tank.

He had watched the humans through the glass of the big tank, saw his friends joyfully netted out and put in transport tubs to go to their new homes. Sometimes two or three friends would go together, sometimes whole families! Flipper was overjoyed to finally be chosen by a young woman, he practically jumped out of the net to get into the tub. It would finally be his turn to get the love and attention he craved!

He swam to the other side of his forever home, striking his tail in the same spot he always did. The spot was obvious, the only two places in the tank not covered in a thick layer of algae.

He thought about the pretty rocks on the bottom of the big tank, some bright and patterned, some sparkly, some clear and faceted. They were endless, spreading out so far in every direction he would be surprised by the side of the tank when he ran into it.

His front fin skimmed the filthy grey sand on the bottom as he turned to start swimming the other direction.

He thought about the cave in the back of the big tank, how the tunnels in the faux rock seemed to go on forever, how he could lose himself in them for hours while he drifted through.

He passed his only decor for the hundredth time that day, a smooth rock covered in a thick green goo. He faintly remembered it being black once.

He thought about the beach he could pull himself up onto at the top of the store tank, where the food bowls were kept and the heat lamps shone down on soft sand. Ideal for napping, where he spent many a day chatting with the others.

Flipper paused his swimming, looking up at the lid atop the tank. A sturdy, dark plastic thing that held the light bar. It never turned off, never gave him any warmth, never changed. The lid was sturdy, meant to keep aquatic creatures safely contained in their habitats.

Flipper turned and slapped his tail against the side of the tank, splashing a small amount of water up the side as he turned to swim back across his home.

So Zoochosis is a thing. With how regularly abused and neglected fluffies are, plus how neglected fish are as pets IRL, this was the natural end point of that thought.

Partially inspired by Sea Fluffies Require Upkeep by Ace.


Sounds like the animal version of cabin fever. Isolation is a helluva dangerous thing for the mind. :disappointed:


Poor lil dude. You know things are dire when Fluffmart of all places seems like a good home


Lovely little bit


god damn, How is it that when it comes to pets, people will always kill pet sea life


people suck

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The flufmart should at least try to make them as unhappy as possible, as a business, with an owner, they no longer have that privilege.


Poor dude. I’ve read up on, and seen, zoochosis, and it’s never pretty. Sounds like Flipper needs a much bigger, much cleaner tank, and a friend or two.


damn, poor little guy. fucking hate the cunts that do this to goldfish and the expectation that theyd only live a few years when they can live so much more


I heard someone say it’s because fish can’t scream.

If they can’t express their misery in a way humans recognize as like them, then they don’t feel anything. I regularly have people try to tell me fish don’t feel pain, which makes no goddamn sense. Anything with nerves feels pain, we can debate on shit like oysters but fish feel pain.

I have a spoiled ass betta fish that can tell my wife and I apart. She does tricks, comes when she’s called (tapping the side of the tank) and chases the laser pointer like a cat.

Fish deserve better.


Goldfish can live to a minimum of 60 years, shorter for the fancy varieties due to shit breeding. The oldest known carp was a koi who was something like 255 years old!


even plants “feel” pain

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I used to have an Oscar that would get incredibly upset if I left home. He wouldn’t eat anything for 3 days until I returned one time, apparently.


Fish are good friends. I had a couple of male bettas in my teens (separate tanks), and they loved chasing my finger and hang out. Makes me feel awful for occasionally eating fish.

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I’ve considered getting a cichlid, but their tank requirements always put me off. I already struggle with my 40gal and it’s only got the Betta in it.

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Heartbreaking. Your love of fish really shines through in this empathetic little piece. This is the kind of abuse that’s set somewhat apart from the usual cartoony stuff we often handle here, that’s astutely observed from real life.

I’m glad the community has such well-loved animals. My spoiled little snake is sat in his network of hamster tubes at the moment, the tunnels in the FluffMart tank made me think of him and the barren little viv I received him in as a hatchling.


What kind of snake? I’m fascinated by the hamster tubes for a snake.

I’m pretty passionate about animal rights and all that, I like using fluffies as a way to explore that. That’s not to say I don’t love seeing fluffies suffer, however.


Awww! What species and morph is your noodle? Do you have pictures? I love snakes. Beautiful little creatures.

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He’s a blizzard corn snake! Hamster tubes are the perfect width to clip together and make a safe, snug run for them to explore. It helps that you can pop them apart and sanitise them when they inevitably shit in them too.

I got a bunch of packs of modular tubes off AliEx and it’s a palace that can be moved around and expanded. :black_heart:


You have a truly spoiled snake, as is right and proper. He’s a beautiful little guy, too! Corn snakes are straight up adorable.