Fluff and Co. Part 9 (by roguesoul)

Fluff and Co. Part 9

by roguesoul

“Daddeh!” you manage a smile as you stepped into the room, the green mare practically dancing, hopping around your legs. “Daddehs home, daddehs home, daddehs home!!” You shut the door with your elbow, setting your supplies on the bathroom sink.

“Hey, Lola,” you respond, careful to step around her and not on her. The mare jumps up and hugs your leg, and you chuckle. This is what you needed in your life, a little bit of joy. “Are you ready for a big surprise?” Her face alights with a grin.


You huff at that and reach down, picking her up. Her fur squelched and your nose wrinkles in disgust. “No, no- you know how your skin’s been hurting?” Her legs curl up to wrap around your hands as you carry her over to the bathtub, setting her inside.

“Eh-yus?” she sounds unsure and you move to put on a pair of plastic gloves. “How-how daddeh knu skin hab huwties?” You reach down and pet her gently, the mare laying down at the touch.

You chuckle, “I know lots of things, Lola, and I know that your Fluff,” you emphasize the word, “Is being very bad, and is giving you bad hurties!” She gasps and turns on her side, looking up at you with a gaped mouth.

“Fwuff ih bah? How fwuff bah?” you reach down and lightly push your fingers into her thick coat, curling your fingers into it and the mare winces, “Ooo, huwts, why fwuff huwt gud fwuffy Wowa?!”

“It’s being bad, but I can make it go away and make you feel better?” she looks down, “You want to feel better, doncha Lola?” She taps the floor of your bath and you reach in to plug the drain.

“Wo-Wowa wan feew bettwa,” she blinks up at you, her eyes widening, “Hewp Wowa?” You chuckle. You would’ve done it either way, but it was good to have her into it.

“Now I’m going to give you a bath with some very nice warm water-”

“Buh-buh wawa bah fow fwuffies!” You sigh, that was such a familiar cry, but you didn’t mind it and just continued as if she hadn’t spoke.

“It’s going to feel really good, Lola, and it’s going to get rid of the bad fur that’s hurting you,” you reach a hand and cup her cheek, and she looks up at you with a unsure look.

“…Wowa, Wowa nu knu…can Wowa jus as fwuff tu be nice?”

You shake your head, “No we have to take the bath, otherwise guess what?” You put a dark tone into your voice now.

“W-wah?” she asks uncertainly.

“If we don’t get rid of your bad fur, it’s going to keep giving you the biggest hurties until you go forever sleepies!” she gasps hard and jumps up grabbing your hand and hugging it. You let her, even as you feel the disgusting squish of her belly fur.

“NU! Nu wan foweba sweepies!! Wowa wan baff, pwease wan baff!!” You chuckle and reach a hand to run through her mane and nod.

“Okay, okay don’t worry I’ll let you take a bath!” she lets go and claps her hooves together, “Now it’s going to be pretty loud, but it’s gonna make you feel better.” You reach up and turn on the water, the mare jumping back and falling on her side with an ‘eep.’

“W-woud!” she shouts over the noise of the water, and you run your hand under it, testing the temperature. “Nu-Nu Wike Woud Daddeh!” she shouts over the noise of the water, drawing her legs under her as the water drew nearer. “Wiww! Nu-nu gib,” you listen, moving closer to her as you stop the tub, letting the bath begin to fill. “Nu-nu gib huwties, wight?”

You chuckle softly, reaching a gloved hand down to touch her cheek, the mare snuffling her nose into your palm. “Your fluff might hurt a little,” she huus, closing her eyes as the water touching her scarred hooves, though they slowly began to open as you continued, “But water doesn’t hurt fluffies.” Her head pulls out of your hand, and she nervously paws at the water- watching in delight as it splashes up.

“Wook!” she grins at you, pawing it again.

“Looking!” you laugh, watching as she playfully splashes in the warm water.

“Fun wawa! FUN wawa!” she shouts, front hooves stomping downward and you move out of the way of the water. Already glomps of mess are coming off of her, clumps of shit and mud- strands of fur, though it would get worse before it got better. All the same, you found yourself smiling as she played- nearly slipping as she spun around and slid into the spray of the water.

“EEEPLGH!” of course she looked upward, and you quickly pulled her out of the spray, patting her back. “BLEh-HeK!” she spat the water out, coughing.

“Easy there, Lola, easy,” you patted her back, feeling her fur squelch. “You alright?” She shakes her head, mane spraying water everywhere as you pull back.

“Thouh-” she coughed, “thouh daddeh seh wawa nu-nu huwt?” she splutters, and you breathe out a sigh of relief.

“It normally doesn’t, just- don’t do that-” you shake your head. At least her back had been sprayed with water, that’d be a way to start the rest of the process. “Okay, Lola, I’m goin’ start getting rid of that bad, bad, fluff- ready?” Lola bit her lip, the wet mare looking up at you, before nodding.

“Y-yeh, weady,” she coughed again and you pull the wet-tail gel from the shelf. In the effort to create a fluffy safe shampoo- this had been one of the prototype. It did make the fluff silky soft and clean, but it also causes all the fur to fall out. That had been a disaster with the test subjects.
But it made a great wet tail solution, safe to the skin, much better than a razor. Plus it smelled like tomatoes.

“Smeww wike-smeww wike skettis?!” she tries to whirl around to look at it, her eyes narrowing as she sees the green substance as you lather it in your hands.

“That means it’s good, and it’s going to make your skin feel much better!” you reply, before beginning to rub the substance into Lola’s fur. She winces and tries to move away, but you reach down and scruff her.

“Eep! D-daddeh?” she tries to pull away, hooves slipping on the tub floor. “W-w-wet gu!”

“Lola,” you growl, the word low as you continue to scrub the gel into her fur, and the mare whines, “You’re being a bad fluffy, you have to hold still,” the fur starts to come out already, and you dip your fingers into the water to shake off the clumps of fur.

“Nu-nu bah fwuffy!” she continues, her voice a whine, as the fur along her scruff starts to pull out- but you hold the skin firmly. “Ih huwts!” she shouts, and you shake your head.

“No.” You hold steady, free hand moving down along her coat, green and brown fur washing into the water. “No, Lola, your fur is hurting you- I’m here to help.”

“H-hewp?” her voice is quiet under the noise of the water, and you move a hand to her side, carefully tugging at the tangled fur, and you get a look at her skin. It wasn’t too damaged up at her back, but you knew it would get worse before it got better.

“Yeah, here to help,” you repeat, watching her snuffle as you turn the water off as it reaches her knees. You don’t let go of her scruff, not until she began to relax, your hands moving to scoop water up over the mare’s back.

“Hewp-hewp,” she repeats the word back to you and you slowly let go, hands threading through her fur as it pools in the water. “Why-why- why huwties?” she whines, and you frown, tugging at a tangle of fur- “OUCHIE!” she jumps a bit, nearly slipping, and you carefully wrap a hand around her stomach to keep her on her feet. You narrow your eyes and give her a small slap on her rump, the mare’s face pinching, “Sowwy!”

“You have to hold still, Lola, don’t make me have to give you more hurties,” she whimpers, a hum, squirming and nearly falling again as your scrub it against her skin.

“Nu-nu wan huwties!” she snaps back, looking back at you, her cut up ears flat against her skull. She doesn’t resist as you pull out clumps of fur, her back slowly becoming naked, though you had yet to move on to her belly, legs, face, and tail.

You begin to hum over the sound of her uncomfortable whimpers, but you begin to work another round of the gel into her fur. “Lola,” you speak-sing the word, her ears flicking as you continue, making your way down her tail- tangled hair coming off easily. You never sang anymore, but in the silence you found yourself needing it, and you guessed the mare would enjoy it as well. “Ah-La-la-lo-ho-la,” you made it up as you went- cheeks dusted in red as you continued.

“Lo-la, oh Lo-oh-la, sweet as a Co-oh-la,” you make the way down her frame, and you see her begin to slowly relax- glancing up at you. “Don’t move, Lola,” you speak, voice soft, “I don’t want to hurt you, Lo,” her eyes widen and she bites her lip slightly.

“…sowwy, Wowa wah scawed, nu-nu mean tu-”

“Lola,” you continue, “It’s okay, I know you didn’t mean-to move away.” You chuckle at the small rhyme, turning her around, water dripping off her frame. She was skinnier than you thought under all that fur, a nasty scar under her fur down her back. It almost looked like someone had taken a rake to her back, and as much as you wanted to ask, you instead move to start to tug her fur off her chest and front legs.

She shivers, shaking, and you gently pat her shoulder, and she looks away from you. She looks down at the fur in the water, face twisting, “Take a deep breath, Lo,” you say, and she shudders as she breathes, “Your fur’s gonna grow back, just as nice as before,” you continue and she looks up at you.

“Weawwy? Fwuff gun be nise, gun-gun be pwetty?” you nod, hands working down her legs. It was as bad as you thought, her front legs weren’t too bad- just thin and bruised. But as you made your way down her belly, it was that much worse. Fur came back matted with dried, rotten blood- and mold was infested in the fur- growing black. Worst was the smell, rot and death, and you knew your face was bunched up in disgust.

“N-nu be pwetty?” she asks and you cough, blinking rapidly and trying to focus on the tomato scented gel instead of the rest of her.

“No, no, you’ll be pretty, Lo,” you manage out and she grins as you almost gag. The tub is disgusting at this point, and if it weren’t for the fact that you didn’t want it clogging the drain you would have started with a new batch of water.

You can’t tell how bad the damage is on her belly, not with the mess in the water. But you continue anyway, feeling your way through, until all that was left was her head. It probably didn’t need to be done, but from being splattered with the gel and water patches were already coming loose.

“Close your eyes okay, don’t open them,” she complies and you begin to massage the gel into her cheeks and across her face, mindful of her eyes, making your way up to her mane.

“D-daddeh?” she asks, and you make your way down her neck.

“Lola- eyes shut now,” you continue, nodding at her, despite her blindness.

“A-awmost dun?” You grin.

“Keep your eyes shut, but yes,” she grins and you raise a towel to wipe her eyes clear of soap, before stripping your gloves off. “Gonna dry you off now, Lo.” You pick her off, her limbs drawing in like a frightened turtle, and you watch her shake.

She’s, she’s weird naked, small and covered with old scars and fresh wounds. Some looked liked abrasions from the wet tail, red around the wound and probably infected, but most of them were a mess of small scars. If you had to take a guess, they looked like they were from broken glass- though one or two looked suspiciously like cigarette burns. You dry her carefully, “Lay down, Lola,” she shakily does so, but your guessing it’s mainly because she’s cold and tired from leaving the warm water.

“Can-can open eyesies nao?” you pull her legs apart, and wince. “Open nao?” she asks, and you gently pat her shoulder.

“Yes, but you have to stay laying down,” she nods, eyes blinking open, and she looks down at herself- horror seeping across her face.

“N-n-nu!” you realize your mistake as it happens, and you reach down to pat her side, rubbing her shoulder gently as her hooves pull up to cover her face. “Am-am MUNSTAH!”

“No!” she whimpers as you snap at her, “No, you are not a monster, Lola.” She sniffles, looking up at you, dark gold eyes swimming with tears. “Your fur will grow back, your wounds are gonna heal-” and for the first time- now that she was clean- you pull her up against your chest.

“Daddeh-?” her words are cut off as you hug her, and she buries her head against your chest and under your chin. You seldom hugged fluffies- mostly because of how utterly disgusting they could be. If a fluffy didn’t have an attendant to help them clean up, there was no way in hell you were handling them without gloves.

But as she laid against you, hooves grabbing at your shirt as she sobbed against you- you knew you’d made the right choice.

Not just now.

For the first time in a long time, you felt actually happy.

End of Part 9

(that was pure hugbox, I’ve never written anything so sickeningly sweet, don’t worry if you prefer the sadbox elements you’ll get that soon- Part 10 is written, and will be out soon- Act 1 of Fluff and Co is coming to an end, with the stage set for Act 2, thank you for sticking by me- I’ve had so much fun writing this story- and it’s come quite far since the first chapter)

(Thank you guys, I really appreciate y’all~)


Hope lola recovers and those wounds heal as her fluff recovers.


Looks like Lola needs a check up at the vet to see the full extent of her health