Fluff and Family Chapter 1: Promising New Beginning (By: hedgehog)

Hewwo! I have been lurking her for a while, and have become weirdly interested in these things.
Here is my first story that I’m hoping to turn into a longer one. I hope you all enjoy and constructive criticism is very appreciated, both on art and story. --Hedgehog

“Widia am soon-Mummah! Wub tummeh babbehs! Tummeh babbehs be chiwpy babbehs soon!” The pink, pregnant mare sang to herself, not even close to carrying a tune. Her swollen belly kept her from walking, but she didn’t mind. She had her tummy babies for company, and the grass of there nest was nice and soft. She was hungry though, but her special friend would be back with nummies soon. She began to sing again, as her thoughts wandered to her old life. ‘Dummeh mummah nu wan Widia hab babbehs. Bu Widia wun way with specaw fwiend, am smawtes fwuffy eba.”

A blue unicorn stallion stood next to a berry bush, very carefully removing the succulent red orbs from the branches with his teeth, being very careful not to burst them. “Tuckew bwing bestes nummies fow soon-mummah an tummeh babbehs.” He hummed to himself as he continued filling the small plastic bag next to him. Inside was a day old bagel, some beans, and a bunch of the berries. When he was happy with his haul, he gathered the top of the bag in his mouth and began to drag it back to their nest, still humming happily to himself. He hadn’t been so sure when Lidia had convinced him to run away from his owner, a kind older man who had raised him from a chirpy baby. In the end, he couldn’t resist the scent of her, and had followed her into the wild. They had found a nice spot deep in the woods(in the middle of a small park two blocks from their house). Since then, they’ve been on their own. That was okay though, they had a good home, plenty of food, and soon they would have babbehs! He heard Lidia singing fill his ears as he approached, making him smile with the biggest heart happies.

Tucker pulled the bag over to the pregnant mare happily, “Tuckew bwing bestes nummies fow soon-mummah an tummeh babbehs!”
“Tank ‘ou! Soon-Mummah Widia wub specaw fwiend!” She began to devour the berries while Tucker happily munched on the bagel. Soon the food was gone, with a few berries and the beans set aside for night cravings, and Tucker gave her licky kisses and Huggies.
“Tuckew wub famiwy. Hab bigges heawt happies eba!”
“Soon-mummah Widia wub specaw fwiend tu!”
They fell asleep cuddling as the dark time rolled in, listening to the sound of crickets outside the small patch of bushes that they had made their nest. Tucker was having the most wonderful dream about playing with their babies when a noise woke him up. He opened his eyes and peered around in the darkness, but saw nothing. He went to lay his head back down when a bush nearby rustled again. Tucker pulled himself to his feet and plodded over to investigate, the soft grass tickling his soft hoof pads. The bush rustled again and an orange head poked out, leaves clinging to the fluff and black mane.
“Hewwo, nyu fwiend?”
Tucker stared at the new fluffy for a moment, his head cocked before finding his voice. “He…hewwo, am Tuckew. Dis am Tuckew an soon-mummah Widia’s nestie.”
“Oh otay. Am Gobwin. Nu wan tu bothew, bu Gobwin hab da bigges tummeh huwties. Onwy nee a wittew nummies den gu away.”
Tucker considered for a moment as the earthy pulled himself out of the bush fully. His fluff hung off him slightly, like his skin was loose. A tell tale sign of a once fat and owned fluffy not having a good time in the wild. “Otay. Maybe ‘ou sweep hewe, an in da mownin ‘ou can tawk tu soon-mummah Widia a maybe be pawt of hewd.”
Gasp! Weawy? Tank ‘ou! Dat gib Gobwin da bigges heawt happies!”
Tucker brought over some of the beans for him to eat, and then went back to sleep next to Lidia, happy to have someone else to help out.

Tucker woke up slowly that morning, so warm next to Lidia. He gave her a licky kiss before standing and going into the bushes and lifting his leg to piss, then he felt his stomach gurgle and squatted, voiding his bowels loudly. His back legs kicked dirt up over it before he trotted back to the nestie. Goblin had woken up by now, and passed Tucker on the way to do the same business.
“Gud bwight time Tuckew!”
“Gud bwight time Gobwin. Afta ‘ou make poopies, Gobwin can meet Widia. She am Tuckew specaw fwiend an soon-Mummah.”
Ooo, Gobwin wub babbehs! Gobwin make gud poopies weawy fast!” He waddled into the bushes as Tucker went over to Lidia.

The blue unicorn pushed some of the left over berries in front of her and gave her licky kisses to wake her up.
“Gud bwight time Soon-Mummah Widia. ‘Ou eat an Tuckew gib wicky cweans.”
“Gud bwight time Tuckew. Tank ‘ou fow nummies an wicky cweans.” Her tail lifted so that he could lick her ass and pussy clean. She couldn’t move to make good poopies. Tucker didn’t like doing it, but it was necessary to keep her clean. She didn’t like to not smell pretty. Tucker did his best not to wretch, and soon she was all cleaned up. As Tucker stood back up, Goblin returned and sat on his haunches in front of Lidia and Tucker, waiting patiently to be introduced.
“Dis am Gobwin, nu hab hewd an had bigges tummeh huwties. If soon-mummah Widia tink it a gud thinky, den maybe Gobwin stay as toughie, an be betta hewd.”
Lidia looked the new fluffy up and down, then smiled. “Soon-Mummah Widia tink dat a gweat tinky. Hewwo Gobwin, am soon-mummah Widia.”
Goblin smiled widely, and stood. “Gobwin wiw be da bestes toughie eba. Gu fin nummies nao, be back befow dawk times.” He was very eager to make a good impression as he trotted through the brush in search of food.
Tucker gave Lidia a licky kiss as he settled down across from her. He was just about to ask her to sing to him when he heard her tummy gurgle, and she looked at him, her pupils dilating rapidly.

Tucker leapt to his hooves, and went around behind her, babbling encouragement to her. He had seen what special friends are supposed to do during biggest poopies, and he was ready.
SCREEEEEE! BABBEHS COMIN!” Tucker watched as her special place dilated, fluid and blood poured from it, as shit projectiled out of her. Luckily, she had just gone, so it wasn’t too much. She kept screaming as Tucker encouraged her to push, and soon a head appeared. A fleshy, fluffless babbeh with a tiny nub of a horn pushed out, then slid down into the soft grass. It immediately began chirping, blindly looking around for a teat to suckle.
Tucker gently lifted the foal with his mouth and brought it over to Lidia’s front. She looked at it with beaming pride, and began to lick the blood and fluid off of the little bundle. The process repeated three more times over the next few minutes. An earthy, and two Pegasus foals. Just when Tucker thought they were done, Lidia screamed again. Another horned head poked through, and as the body came, he saw the nubs of developing wings. This was no issue for Tucker. One of his siblings had been an alicorn, and she had been the bestes sissie eba. He brought the last baby to Lidia as she finished cleaning the last Pegasus.

“Hewe is wast babbeh fow mummah Widia tu wicky cwean.” Lidia happily cooed, her wings fluttering as she began to lick this one as she had all the others. Then she noticed the nub of wings, and her gazed flicked to the little horn, then back to the wings, back to the horn. She did this for a long time as her little brain processed what she was seeing. Her pupils dilated to pin pricks and she felt her bowels void in fear, her mouth opening and closing like she was trying to talk.
“M…mu…MUNSTAH! WINGY POINTY MUNSTAH BABBEH!” Lidia scrambled up weakly, the other foals nestled in her fluff getting jostled around, causing them to peep and chirp in distress. She raised a front hoof in preparation to give forever sleepies to the monster when Tucker gathered it up in his hooves, holding it close to his chest.
“Nu! Is Nu munstah! Is onwy widdew babbeh! Nu gib huwties. Onwy wub an miwkies.”
“Don be dummeh, dat am munstah babbeh. Onwy desewb foweba sweepies!”
“Dat nu twue!” Tucker had tears streaming down his face, seeing the light of his life treating one of their children like this. Both new parents heard rustling as Goblin pushed through the bushes, humming to himself as he dragged the nummie bag.
“Gobwin am back wit nummies fow hewd an…Mummah Widia hab babbehs! Gobwin hab big heawt happies! Hewwo babbehs!”
Goblin looked at the foal being cradled by Tucker and then looked at the frightened Lidia. He seemed to understand what had happened. He sighed and whispered for Tucker to follow him, and then to Lidia, “Otay Mummah Widia, Tuckew an Gobwin gu help babbeh be gud babbeh.”
The orange stallion led Tucker through the bushes and a distance away from the nestie. The newborn was chirping non stop, so hungry for the bestes milkies. When they were far enough away, Goblin stopped.
“Otay Tuckew, ‘ou gib Gobwin a hewd, su Gobwin hewp ‘ou babbeh. Gobwin tink dat wingie pointy babbeh is gud babbeh, bu Gobwin’s specaw fwiends at fwuffy makew nu tink su. Su Gobwin owd daddeh teww Gobwin wat du.” Goblin explained, and Tucker was liking it less and less, but this was better than the foal being stomped by its mummah.

The peeping little foal, freshly born with amniotic fluid still clinging to its fluffless body, was placed in the soft grass by its father, as Goblin watched. The foal calmed down a bit as it felt soft fluff against its head. The terrified peeping and chirping started back up again as Tucker placed his teeth against the tiny, developing horn. With a quick yank, it pulled free with a small tearing sound. The foal went crazy, a pool of piss forming underneath it as tears leaked from its sightless eyes. Blood ran down its skin from the small circular wound left behind.
Goblin wiped a tear from his eye with a hoof, and gave Tucker a small hug. “Tuckew am gud daddeh. Pwotec babbeh.”
Tucker nodded, but still wasn’t convinced. He picked up the hysterical newborn and carried it back to its mummah, placing it in front of her. The other foals all had expanded bellies from their feeding, and were safely nestled in their mummah’s soft, poofy fluff, sleeping in a pile.
“Mummah Widia, Tuckew make babbeh betta. Nu gib scawdies nu mowe.”
Lidia looked at the foal, carefully examining it. Satisfied, she cooed to the foal, licking it clean and placing it to her teat. It latched on and drank deeply, its belly descending from the milk filling it. It came off of it with a small pop, and then a small burp as it fell asleep. Tucker carefully picked the foal up and placed it next to the rest of the litter, to sleep soundly.
Goblin watched all this and smiled to himself, happy he could help the new family and his new herd. He found a soft spot to lie down, and got settled. With a big yawn he closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.


i loooove the eyes. thats really unique. the bold colors make it almost psychedelic.

story is really great. slice of life stuff is a wonderful first dip in the pool.


Thank you! I’m still trying to get to work on my style, and I’m not very good at art. I’m glad you enjoyed!

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Hey lookin good, love the color choices for mummah! Good read too.


Thank you! Sadly, the pretty colors won’t match her personality wink wink

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Lol do they ever?


Alrighty, interesting take on the Munstah Babbeh… promising indeed ~ Would have thought that biting the wings was easier, but I’m interested in learning Goblin’s reasoning :shrug:

Congrats on joining the circus! :coco: