FLUFF0: No Dance



Yup. That’s a fluffy alright. Selfish spoiled brats who see babbehs as toys.


wonderful wonderful stuff. I mean this in the kindest way possible but that is some of the worst nightmare fuel imaginable. Great job


Asking for toys, being a brat….that’s a pillowin’.


Very cute!
And hopefully nothing unpleasant whatsoever will happen to the fluffy or the babbeh.


Doesn’t dance? Teach it some moves you dummy


Make the dumb bitch dance instead of the blind chirpy foal.


Wait, a fluffy that sees another fluffy as a toy? mind blown


what kind of shit programs fluffTV offers?
Seriously, while dancin’ babbeh would be a plaussible thing, what’s with them dancing on top of spaghetti?
What would the producers be looking for with such a concept? And I know for a fact that humankind is so rotten something like that would surge in a world of fluffies, and that would be just a hit episode that would lead to an entire spin-off series on itself


Asking for babbeh? That’s a pillowing.

Being selfish? Pillowing.

Just plain old forgetting to say ‘Thank you?’ Believe it or not, pillowing!


Humans in fluffy stories are as stupid as fluffies. Just, differently so. Seriously, consider the owner for a moment. Either it’s a setup or they’re an idiot as well.


Also, if you go with fluffTV as indoctrination? It associates babbeh with sketties, doubling down on things they want fluffies to want.


Not stupid, realistic.
Most people who buy a pet don’t learn that pet’s behavioral psychology, they just act on their assumptions as to how to train it. This is the reason dog obedience schools exist, because most people are garbage at handling animals and don’t bother to question their own ability or preconceived notions. Just because you know things about fluffies doesn’t mean the humans in the story do.

Now you got me thinking of fluffy obedience schools.

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I’d suggest the two are not mutually exclusive.

Very true.
Just kinda bugs me when people look at a work through the eyes of a reader and question why the characters didn’t have the same omnipotent perspective they do.

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That too. For marketing purposes, this could be the case, but I guess we’re missing information.
Maybe this episode of dancin’ babbehs was sponsored by a brand of spaghetti or pasta, maybe one that partners with hasbio or fluffTV. Either way, tv as a fluffy brainwashing mean is quite grim in restrospective. What would happen if one was to try to brainwash fluffies with home media? How much could one get away with it on an even lower budget than the already pocket change budget fluffTV and fluffNetwork does?

So, it all depends on how sinister you view fluffTV. Dancing Babbeh on Sketties? Could just be something someone thought was cute to have in an episode of Dancing Babbeh not realizing that when you’re creating programming marketed primarily towards bioengineered genetic chimera with the emotional and intellectual maturity of a very small child coupled with instinctual animal responses? You’re going to get some interesting results.

Or Berry’s owner and Berry just…happen to be particularly dumb in a slightly endearing way.

On the other hand? If you want to view fluffTV through a far more sinister lens, you have a group of people who understand how and why fluffy psychology works and as a result? Know how to make a Fluffy want something to the point of needing it, creating an engineered group of consumers for branded merchandise (at a likely significant markup over other viable products), as a way for Hasbio to recoup profits lost when Fluffies went from “Exclusively controlled biopet” to “common shitrat that you can get for under 20$ depending.”

You ever seen kids TV?
There’s some weird shit on there sometimes, sometimes with little reason behind it beyond ‘Some exec somewhere thought fluffies like dancing babies and sketti, and he’d spent the last week doing blow instead of his job, so half-assed something at the last second’

Overall my headcanon of it is more a clumsy and ill-thought out attempt to milk the fluffy craze for money, with zero thought put into the actual consequences of their programming. So long as a focus group of foals and fluffies watch it and give a vaguely positive reaction, it’s greenlit.
They are not a school for fluffies, nor trying to be. They are selling something owners can plonk their fluffs in front of and forget about them for a few hours of peace. Instant gratification.

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I’ve seen way worse. As a matter of fact, these look cutesy and crafty. Almost sesame street stop motion tier.
Now, if we were to talk about ground breaking shit kid tv, I think teletubbies would be the first thing to come into mind. I’ve seen dumb tv shows for kids, and those motherfuckers must have been the worst till booba came around. Surprisingly booba was soooo bad and outlandish even dumb fucks were scared of it. But anyway, my point is I get the part with shit kid tv, just I wasn’t getting much on the marketing behind putting foals over pasta. On the other hoof, I would see that as a new abuse method to fuck around with fluffies!

Put dancin’ babbehs on sketti on tv
Recently birthed mummah is put to starve for a while, making sure she doesn’t eat her babbehs (yet). Feed her this show all her waking time
Prepare spaghetti. Keep it hot enough to give buwnie huwties
Put babbehs on top of spaghetti, behind a fence so mummah can’t save them but can watch them
“Hey, look! Dancin’ babbehs on skettis!”

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-Babbehs squirm around from the heat.
-Mummah has been conditioned by FluffTV to think they’re dancie sketti babbehs and cheers them on while her foals are in agony.