Fluffies and Puppies By ArisenLeaf

Had this idea recently, decided to see if ya’ll like it or think it’s tacky.


It’s not tacky by the standards I’ve been seeing.


I love it.

Being the midpoint between human and animal there is a lot of potential for exploring Fluffies raised by other species. Its the closest “raised by wolves” really gets.


I like it, fits fluffy cannon well, they do mimic what they see a lot.


I like it. It fits well with my thoughts, that fluffies imprint on basically whatever they experience from the moment of awareness. So being around dogs as a foal would make them take on more of those traits.


This, scares me because if fluffies actually existed, I can see this happening.


what if we breed a mare with a dog… new sub-species?


you asshat-

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I like this, reminds me of the squirrel who was raised by cats and learned to purr


Tacky (just one part of it).

Tee hee. Biggah fwuffy sexuawwy assawt babbeh, but nu penetwation su ou am siwwy fwiend watheh den smawty o’heww gwemwin. Tee hee ^ - ^

Cute idea, mimicking dogs. I like the idea. But why would the “dominated” foal think it’s silly while an adult would intimidated? Shouldn’t both like or fear it?

But the idea of fluffies trying to act like dogs is a really fun one. I can imagine fluffies getting mauled and horribly injured trying to play fetch, chase cars, or pissing off real animals by marking their territory outside. :+1:

Edit: I’m a cat person, so I’m not super familiar with dog hierarchies. For cats, dominating means obedience but no love or positive emotions towards the top of the pecking order. Acting meek but plotting to backstab and all that. If that’s not applicable to doggos, disregard my comment


While frightening to owners, and unsuspecting fluffies, I don’t think it would be that bad; like the piece suggests, it seems more likely that the pony wouldn’t even see it as ‘special huggies’ given that there’s no penetrative act involved, so even if they are very aggressive in other circumstances they would probably do the usual rigmarole of threatening ‘bad special huggies’ or something.


I think of it like this, a foal wouldn’t know of special huggies until they’ve hit puberty, so being humped would be an unfamiliar concept until two things happen.

  1. Penetration.
  2. Explanation.

Of course an adult would understand as they, at this point, felt or know of special huggies and would see mounting as sexual. Especially the males, since mounting leads to them proclaiming “Not A Mare.”


That’s actually a good explanation. :+1:

Your fluffies really are childlike, huh. A lot of headcanons have tiny colts be just as Randy and horny as the rapist smarties. Just used to fluffies that are so horny they don’t even need puberty to be little creeps :sweat_smile:


Foals tend to declare “not a mare” too, but it might be that knowledge of sex unlocks in their mind when sex is forced on them.

Which is far more tragic. Especially if its an unplanned glitch, like an otherwise mundane Cis male having permanent gender identity issues that can’t be fixed by letting him call himself a Filly because they stem from the programming asking “you are ready for sex, download of instructions will begin when sex hormones are detected” before sex hormones are ever released, making them feel like they are at the question of “Colt or Filly” forever.

It would be hard to stick this without it coming across as a badly done allegory unless you firmly state that the issue stems from programming mixing poorly with their own personality and experiences and not something humans have or can deal with.


I love this


I like it


Yeah I hated the idea of all fluffies having pre-programmed understanding of the world and its pleasures.

Because with that in mind, it made their innocence less important, and the things they experience without purpose.

So, to make them more admirable, they grow like how people do. Innocent and oblivious to sex, then curious, then finally they find their identity.


Its interesting that female Fluffies do not experience orgasm in most works. Or pleasure at all.
They’re either raped or have sex to get pregnant.

Even (seemingly) female artists and writers don’t portray it.

The Fluffy works that go out of their way to show a female enjoying sex are usually either basically porn, or setting her up with the Madonna/Whore dichotomy as the slasher victim who “deserves” it.

Plus, programming seems to just give them instructions. Not understanding. Hence the Alicorn glitch, their programming of what a Fluffy is or isn’t and their minds being conditioned to prioritize survival (three laws safe style) means the unintended third Fluffy gets classed as “monster, fear, kill or be killed”. The experience takes over when they are taught not to fear them, and classify them as Fluffies in their mind when the programming tells them otherwise.


This needs to be a thing. I can imagine there’s specific breeders that raise fluffs through this process. There’s a real market there.


Pair it with some Fluffalo amd we got a real operation going on.