Fluffies: Gotta Catch Em All 2 by CelestiFluff

Warm water gently poured over the baby’s fluff. Dirt and grime had caked her fur, making it appear like a dull muddy color when in reality it had originally been pure white in color. Her tail was a lovely mix of pastel colors with streaks of blue, green, and pink. Not only that but she could make out faint sparkles in it too.

After the excitement died down from earlier that afternoon was when Luna fully realized what had just wandered into her backyard. This foal was an alicorn. She had her suspicions when the other fluffy kept calling her a “munsta”, but you could never know with fluffies. They could call a random floating piece of drift wood a monster or a deflated ducky floatie.

“Well now! Arent you a special little baby!” She cooed to her as she lathered her with some dish soap. The baby had put up quite the fight when she first felt the water, screaming about not wanting “sowwy Wawa” but she quickly calmed down when it was explained that it needed to be done to make her smell pretty and that it would be a quick bath. The warm water and little bubbles definitely helped calm her down too.

After the bath Luna wrapped her up in dish towel and called her friend Molly as she dried her off.

“Hello? Hey Molly, uh you breed fluffies right? So you know how to take care of unwanted foals?” She asked as she carefully dried the baby’s back.

“Ya, I get unwanted foals sometimes i need to raise by hand. Why?” Luna sat down and set the baby on her lap as she put her phone on speaker to make it easier to talk while taking care of her.

“Well a foal ran into my backyard and I have no idea how to take care of it. Im not even sure what to feed it.” In the background of the call came the muffled sounds of Molly already getting things together.

“I’ll bring over some formula and bottles. Just keep it warm and happy until I get over there.”

“Thanks a ton Mol. I’ll be waiting.” And with that she hung up.

“Tee hee, babbeh wike wawm towel nice wady!” The foal started chirping happily as she unraveled herself from the towel and crawled around on her lap. She smiled as she rubbed her head. Her feelings about bringing the baby in were still iffy. She didnt know too much about fluffies and how they worked, but there two things she did know about the man made creatures. One, they were fragile as hell and prone to getting into accidents. Two, they could be hard to take care of as they could be bratty at best, and absolute monsters at worst. What else was she to do though? She couldn’t toss her back outside, especially not with how cold it got at night during the Fall months. For better or for worse, she was stuck with her until Luna made a plan on what to do.

After fifteen minutes or so Molly finally made it to the house and came prepared with a box full of formula, bottles, and some little toys to keep the foal preoccupied. Luna led her to the living room to a small box she had filled with blankets.

“Ok so its right over here. I didnt see anything wrong with it so-” she was interrupted by Molly dropping the box full of supplies.

“…you…you found THAT.” She asked bewildered. The foal jolted awake as her voice rose and they looked up at her.

“N-new fwen? Hewwo? Am yu nice wady too?”

“Uh…ya. Forgot to tell you it was an alicorn. Pretty cool right?” Molly rushed to the box and carefully picked up the foal.

“Cool?! Just cool?! Luna you have no idea what you just found do you?!” Molly carefully turned it over in her hands, examining the color of her tail along with her wings and horn, making sure they weren’t fake in any way. Their wings flapped a little as she squirmed in her hold, not liking being manhandled by some random lady.

“Put babbeh downsie pwease! No wike upsies!”

“Luna. Oh my god. Luna. You found a fucking perfect Celestia fluff.”

Luna looked between the baby and her.

“Um…oh. Neat?” She was unsure why Molly was making such a big deal about it. She knew alicorns were really rare, but what was a Celestia fluff?

“Oh?! You found this and all you can say is oh?! Luna you found a Celestia fluff! These things are rare!” She sat down on her couch and held the foal in her lap. She sighed as she saw her friend wasn’t as excited as she was. “Ok, lets take a step back so i can explain properly. Fluffs were made to market off the show My Little Pony right?” Luna sat down beside her and gently took the baby, who relaxed after being taken from the scary loud lady.


“Well the problem is because of fluffs intermingling like crazy its hard to get a perfect replica of any MLP character. You need the right genes from both of the parents, these genes needing to be hair color, hair style, coat color, gender, and species. Even with all the right variables they can be hard to breed and hard to find in the wild.” Molly lightly tapped on the foal’s horn, causing her to back up and puff her cheeks a little in agitation. “Couple that with the fluffy species’ engrained fear of alicorns, this little lady shouldn’t even exist. She should be dead by now or at least slightly off color or the wrong species. But no, shes perfect. This is like winning the lottery, only I’m pretty sure you have a higher chance of winning the lottery than finding one of these.” Luna’s eyes widened as she took in this information.

“Holy shit. Ya, ya I can see why you’re so amazed by her.” Holly got up and grabbed the bottle and formula from the box.

“Im curious though…she isnt malnourished or hurt. Normally even if feral mothers let the alicorn live past birth, they hardly feed them. But shes perfectly fine. That could mean she either ran away from her owner, or her mother happened to not have a fear of alicorns.” It took a few minutes for her to get the bottle ready and when it was she handed it to Luna. The foal eagerly stared at the bottle. It may not have been malnourished, but it had gone a while without food. Luna picked her up and brought the bottle to her lips and she eagerly began to suck.

“Jesus. Its a little strange to take in all at once. Its like finding a real life golden goose.”

“Oh yes my friend. If you sell her, you are going to be so fucking rich. Breeders like me would offer you millions just to get their hands on her. If you breed her and her foals are good colors you might get less since they won’t be perfect MLP fluffs, but you can still get a lot.”

“I don’t know about selling her.” She smiled as the foal finished her milk and let out a hearty burp. " I think I’ve already gotten pretty attached. But maybe I’ll breed her when she’s old enough. I do need the extra money." A wide grin that rivaled the Cheshire Cat appeared on Molly’s face.

“Remember, im a certified breeder. Some of my stallions are alicorn friendly.”

“I dont know about you” Ive seen your prices for letting someone breed with your stallions."

“For you, it would be free of charge just because i love you. All I ask is you let me pick and keep two from every litter.” Luna smiled as she rubbed the foal’s belly, causing them to chirp and coo happily.

“Aw thanks for the generous offer. I’ll think about it.”

“Mummah?” The small bundle of fluff asked between coos. “Am yu babbeh’s new mummah?” Luna’s heart practically melted as she gently booped her nose.

“Yes, Im your mummah bud. Hm…now what should i call you?” The baby shot up from where she was laying and started prancing around on her lap excitedly.

“Babbeh gonna git namsie! Wan namsie pwease! Pwease mummah!” She begged as she got on her hind legs and started doing a happy little dance. Luna giggled.

“Mm…your name is Celestia! It only fits!”

“Namsie am Cewestia! Cewestia wuv namsie! Tank yu mummah!” Molly smiled at the two.

“Well, I’m sad you won’t be selling her to me, but I’m glad you have some company now.” She grinned. “New pet, you know what that means? Time to go on a shopping spree!”


And thus we have the debut of Celestia fluff and Luna’s beginnig of being a fluffy owner! Along with the introduction of her best friend Molly.
Tune in next time to see if Luna can handle the responsibility of being a fluffy owner, or If she will end up failing hard.


In universe, I’d totally be one of those suckers who’d pay good money for an extra pretty fluffy. If I was wealthy, I’d probably even shell out top dollar for show-accurate alicorns.

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Same, i would love a Luna fluff or one with the same colors as Chrysalis