Fluffies in the Wasteland A Fallout Story: A named by any other [small story] (7svendye)

I am writing this small story as I was not happy with the ending of my other one so please enjoy

It had been hours since Kenny had rescued the surviving foals from the raider attack. Had those foals stayed in that hole they probably have ended up starving to death. Being the good guy that he is, he decided that he would adopt the foals, He did adopt a feral dog after all and Dog Meat likes them and all although the red and yellow foals are still scared of him, the Green seems to like to cuddle into the German Shepard fur.

When he asked Ian why the little foal was still chirping even though it was at that age where they talked, and when he asked his Companion he explained that…

“Everyone has their limit, that foal reached her’s”

He Came from a Vault-Tec Vault one of the safest places of what is left of the US and the only reason he is out here is to find a Water-Chip to save his Vault and everyone in it. Taking a sip of his Canteen the Vault Dweller watches the two foals still awake playing with a baseball that he scavenged for Dog meat. The two foals would roll the ball to one another with a deep sadness in their hearts. They were happy that their new daddy saved them from the bad men, they wished that he and his friend and barky friend came faster to save their herd and family.

“Yewwo miss mama, miss fuffy dadhie huuuhuuhuu”

“Pwease nu cwy sissie, wed nu wan saddies”

walking to his sister, the little fluffy did what every fluffy knows best: giving Huggies. The Vault dweller seeing this need a way to take their mind off there horrific ordeal, Kenny began to remember what the good folks of Shady Sands told them about these fluffies. It is a really big deal for babies who talk and are then given a name.

“Say how about I give you guys names?”

“Namsie fo wed and sisie, wha bout gween siesie?”

“Well, considering that she sleeping on Dog Meat will name her in the morning, Ok?”

“Otay Daddhie”


Beckoning the two foals to come to his hand they do so with gusto, and excitement of the prospect of having a name.

Looking at the Red Foal Kenny noticed that the foal’s tail was white and that on the top of his head there were bit’s of white on top of his head which showed when the foal grows older he will have a white Maine.

“Ya know you remind me of Nuka-Cola so, your name will Be Nuka

“am Nuka, nao?”


“YAY, Nuka wub namsie, make dancy for dadhie”

The little red foal began to move his front leggies back and forth and wiggle as this was the way that fluffies would dance. The Vault Dweller then began to look at the yellow foal and unlike the Nuka, she had a black tail and there was no doubt in his mind that the little foal would have a black Mane, her colors would remind him of the various signs that his Vault had hanging around.

“Well, for you yellow belly, I call you Rad

Sniff tank ou daddhie”

Turning from the two foals in his hand the Vault Dwelle then turned is sight to the camo foal that was sleeping on Dogmeat’s back.

“When she wakes up tomorrow we’ll call her Shooter, so for now let her sleep”

The two foals that had not fallen asleep were happy that they had names and a new daddhie, but the heart hurties of losing their family were still on their little minds. So distracted in their sad thoughts they did not notice that their daddy was fiddling with a weird mental thing that was attached to his arm, a pip-boy 2000 Mk.VI, until some music came out of the device.

“Pweaty songsie, daddie toysie mak mosic?”

“It’s not a Toy Nuka, my pip-boy is a helpful tool and it makes sure that we are going in the right direction”

“am babbhies go tu daddhie house?”

Kenny could only make a face when it came to the idea of home and due to the mindset of a fluffy, he did not know how to convey the importance of a water-chip, but like his dad always says it “can’t hurt to try”.

“Well…I do have a uh…Housie…but I can’t go back yet”

Both Nuka and Rad were confused by this, their new daddy has a home but can’t go back to it?

“Why, daddhie no go back homsie, am famwiy mad at daddhie?”

“No, guys my family isn’t mad at me, they gave me a VERY important job when they send me out here”

Nuka and Rad understood what a “Job” was since their old fluffy daddy was the smarty and he told them that being the smarty was a very BIG job.

“Wad wan know what am daddhie jobie dat being dadhie tu babhies?”

“Well…you guys must know that its hard to find CLEAN water right?”

“yes, daddhie som wawas nu tase pwetty an can make sickies dat am ho famiwy wose odda bwudda”.

The Vault dweller grimaced on the concept of these little foals dying to radiation sickness as it was a bad way to die, plus these foals were still new to life and it be cut short was a bit depressing.

“Ok hence why I’m out here, you see guys my “home” has a way into turning bad water into good water to drink, but the machine that tuns the bad water good, has a broken part that needs to be replaced, and my home does not have a replacement”

The two foals understood a little bit, the “machine” that made clean “wawas” sounded really important and clean wawas were REALLY important since the adult fluffies needed it to make sure they didn’t have mouthie hurties.

“Daddhie fin wawa par an hewp famwiy get pweatty wawas?”

'Yes, that’s right Rad the part that I’m looking for is called a Water-Chip and it helps the machine that gives water without it my home can’t have clean water".

“Did Daddhie gib munsta hoomens foreber sweepies cause they hab daddhie par?”

“If only Nuka, no I got rid of those bad men because it was for another job that would help me at least give my home some clean water and if possible some information of where I can get a water chip”

It was then the Vault-dweller began to yawn, which got the little foals to yawn as well.

“Well little guys gets some sleep we have a long walk ahead of us ok?”

“otay daddhie”

“it am sweepy time so sweepy”

As the group began to turn in with the thought of home on everyone’s mind.

I wrote this as I was not happy with the last story I wrote due to the ending


Fallout is pretty cool