Fluffies meets a Squonk by Mikahorsie

When two of the most pathetic creatures meet


Hey, i remember mentioning this before on here, its a creature so ugly and stinks so bad that it cries all the time and the only way to find one is to “follow its trail of tears”


I think someone woukd rather adopt a Squonk instead of a Fluffy cuz this fella wasn’t whipped up in a lab. If i were to choose id give this thing treats instead of a feral fluffy.
Also if a smarty or herd bullies the Squonk they’ll get the bonk… with a golf club.


I feel sorry for the little ugly nutsack. The squonk too.

I…wtf is a squonk and is it eatable?

The squonk is a mythical creature said to live in the spruce forests of northern Pennsylvania in the United States. Johnstown, Pennsylvania, celebrates the Squonk at Squonkapalooza in August.

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There is a whole pantheon of such fanciful folklore beings: Jorge Luis Borges mentions a selection of them in his Book of Imaginary Beings.
They are very much a matter of wit: unlike the teratology @Mikahorsie is otherwise given to :japanese_goblin:

Squonk my beloved <3