Fluffies & USSR (DanilaNik)

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Извините за грамматические ошибки!
Sorry for grammatical errors!


Hmm, do you have a transcript or comic style image?
I can make it - one moment.

Wait a minute… IrfanView is not extracting it right. :frowning:
The transparencies were messing it up. Made a lossless WEBM though, and it worked. I guess PEBK&C.

Command used:
ffmpeg -i b644165de1052122a457744ce04cb0b81452bbbd.gif -f webm -c vp9 -lossless 1 1.webm

It doesn’t really look animated, so it could probably translate to tall comic layout easily?

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This is fucking hard to look at.


I sent the artist some video and comic strip versions. Waiting to see if DanilaNik thinks they’re good enough conversions to post.
The comic is far more readable in that format. For some reason the GIF player here does funky things to playback speed. This should be a 39-second video but it races through.

Fluffy's & USSR (DanilaNik) Derp, already submitted.

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