Fluffmas with Kwumpus (artist_jberg360)

The First big hand drawn piece I’ve done. My submission for the 12 days of Fluffmas. I doubled up multiple prompts into some fluffies but they should be all there.

You may need to open this in a bigger size.
I’m sure you’ve heard of the Krampus by now, but if not its a Christmas daemon who helps out saint nick. Now there is a version for bad fluffies.


It’s like one of those MAD pictures with all the little details.


I adore all the little things going on!


Brilliant! A few random thoughts:

Punch and Judy seems particularly appropriate for fluffies. Though it might trigger PTSD in some of them.

The Krampus fluffies are adorably evil.

The fluffy near the bottom is holding a record sleeve of Pink Floyd The Wall–that was really hard to make out.

Several fluffies breaking the fourth wall.

Monty Python reference! Which also seems particularly apropos for fluffies.


There’s enough going on here to cover the whole month, haha!

Can’t wait to see the result of “Mistah Cweosote" numming that mint!

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I was thinking the same.

Love it :heart:

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These ensemble works are always such an astounding and delightful display

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Err, you are going to have to point those out to me .

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Punch and Judy are the puppets with clubs in the center.

Several fluffies breaking the fourth wall.
Breaking the Pink Flyod the wall record
The fluffy looking out of the picture next to them
Higher up is a Kwampus stabbing a fluffy with their own speech bubble
The right wall is broken

Monty Python reference!
Mr. Creosote Fat fluffy with puke bucket from Meaning of life on the left table.


Breaking a pink floyd record ?!
Kill em with fire !

Under the tree is that Bancho ?

I’m embarrassed to admit that I couldn’t figure out why the fluffy was holding The Wall. Great joke though, I gotta remember that one.

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i need a where’s waldo fluffy version by you lol

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We’ll have to see what the next holiday prompt holds.

Really love the detail and composition of this piece! The Christmas tree fluffy is amazing.

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You are truly on some next level skill jberg my hats off to you

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