FLUFFO: Good and bad babbhes


Weirdly cute. The pillowed foals don’t really seem to be missing their limbs though. They just look kind of shaved? Idk if that was intentional or not. If it wasn’t, I’d there a way you could shorten their legs so they look more like stumps? And if it was, I wanna hear what the owner did to make them think their weggies are gone. Lol


The joy of fluffies: Good or bad, they’re all so irresistibly killable. Hell, I want to see the good fluffies get punted first!!


There’s actually a fun little image that covers exactly what you’re thinking of:



I imagine you could literally just cut the hoof off and what was left of the bone would be painful to try and walk with.

They could drag themselves around by using the sides of their stubby legs but they are absolute morons and it is locomotion they are not familiar with.


@FederalChemical1728 has some “semi-pillows” along those lines, I believe.


Nice. I’d forgotten about that one.

As usual my morning includes some bile now, regret that suffering like this will never be in my spare closet.

I know your pain, GW.

There was this comic I read a long time ago (I believe on the Booru) where the owner would shave the legs of a misbehaving fluffy (while it was either blindfolded or drugges) and convinced the fluffy it was pillowed. Which tormented the fluffy without harming it.

I like to believe that happened here as well.


Well that too damn bad for you both, for being a bad bad bad fluffy

I absolutely love it when pillowed foals and normal foals are together, and the normal foals pay absolutly no attention to the sad, crying pillows.

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