Fluffos (Egh9)

My first post! I’m new to the fandom and being a lurker, I gathered these basic fluff knowledge, and so I made some characters, including a mummah with bitch mare syndrome, and poopeh babbeh, dancie and bestest, speshul fwiends, a smawty and an alicorn, and a true good fluffy, sth I’d keep as a pet


Yes yes, nice tracing. Are you still mad about your MLP OCs not receiving a warm welcome lol


Midnight needs reeducation, those colors are too good to waste with simple butchery. On the other hand, maybe turn Blossom into a blanket for all the foals to share.


I will shamelessly keep on tracing mlp :sob:

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At least trace some dicks on ‘em


:skull: :skull: :skull:

I love how you said blanket instead of milk bags. Points for creativity :1st_place_medal:

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welcome :slight_smile: dont worry about doing your own thing, i cant draw for shit but think of it as just shitposting for goofs, nobody is gonna call you out on OC quality here. (i woudnt have thought, and if they do they wont respresent the community) just have fun with it people will just be happy for the contribution


Also who gave that poopie permision to dance! thats a bold move, might have to remove weggie privileges for trying to do something fun! :gotsketties:


They’re all so 𝓬𝓱𝓸𝓷𝓴𝔂.


Name in the title, don’t forget


I know dancie babbehs are punt-able, but, the bigger issue here is the mummah w the bms. She is the PROBLEM

Tracing or just straight up copying LongFluffering?


Copied their style a lil bit.

Not cool, buddy. Copying other artists and then passing it off as your own, especially in a small community? Nah. You’re not even trying to do anything new with it. This isn’t the stuff that you share with people, it’s exercises you do in order to develop your own style.


I looked at their comics and I loved it so much I made somewhat similar art to it. I didn’t straight up copy it or trace any of them. There are clear differences, I just made them round and furry like theirs. I didn’t ripoff long’s art. I was just inspired. I hope there isn’t any misunderstanding.

No, you copied everything from how the shape to the muzzle to the mouth, eyes, ears, almost as if you used the style guide they made. All you did was add fuzzy lines. This looks like it was drawn by them.

You’ve been caught, now own up.


Oh shit, is this a Code Bailey?


Lmao yeah, just look at their work and then look at this. They just plugged on different, flat manes and tails that look like someone else drew them because… well, they copied the rest.


Uh? What? So there can’t be likeness in each others art? Is there a rule like that? Honestly I’m glad if you think my sketches are like theirs, but isn’t it what most people do here? Find the general fluffy model and just roll with it? I really don’t know as I’m new here. Is it like, banned to try and replicate each others artsyle?