Fluffside Out (ChebanX)

Yada yada gore art practice to cool, ANYWAYS!

Vent/rambling? Ignore if you want idc:

Being here is so weird. In this community I mean, it’s weird. A lot of grown men getting mad at me for random stuff lol. I don’t think I’ve ever said anything on here and been genuinely angry or upset, I’m a pretty chill guy I think :+1:t4:.

I think it’s weird here because of the like concentrated energy of vileness. You guys are fucked up. And I thought furrys were the most hateful people I’ve ever met. I wont bother talking about basic shit like “racism bad. homophobia bad.” because I feel like I’m walking on eggshells every time I open my mouth lawl. Like, waiting to get banned eggshells.

Every time I talk to someone on here I cringe, like physically. And I hate that word, I don’t ever use it because its so stupid. Maybe keep your hate to your imaginary horse-dogs.

Id like to think everyone imagines me as this far-left, radfem, triggered snowflake caricature, like the stick figure drawings of a chick with purple hair and a nose ring saying all men should be castrated, which always makes me laugh. If I was genuinely so upset being here, I wouldn’t be here.

Also keep in mind that I’m willingly here. I’ll be honest, I think I hate most fluffy fandom members, not targeting this site specifically, I felt like that before I joined.

Ive seen and met some really fun and nice people here though, some of yall are pretty funny! Some real sweethearts if you squint.

Most fandoms have some dark cesspool of horribleness to them and I just personally believe fluffy fandoms cesspool is the majority. You might not think that way! And thats fine! How I see it is, I can just stay in my corner and you can do whatever you want in yours.

TLDR; honestly, just please dont be fucking nasty in my comments. no slurs, no weird “im not touching you” bigotry. like, cmon man, you can do that anywhere else. i wish i could block ppl or delete comments. yes i know what ur going to say, no i dont care. id just like to keep MY area clean. Can i have that? My one little spot? Just my account? Pretty please? You can call me whatever slurs you want in your posts but could we keep my plate clean?


You can block people tho?

Note: not blocking you, just showing where and how

also, imma ignore the rant; the art is really pretty! I love the one color and those highlights on the heart :heart: holographic/iridescent/chrome style is just beautiful and for the love of me I can’t replicate it teach me senpai


Sorry there’s been drama. Glad I missed it though.

I’m just here to indulge in the exploration of intrusive thoughts and cute aggression mixed with longer explorations of various ideas that the low tech handwaved sci fi of the “setting” allows.

Not vent any rage or bother anyone too intentionally.

Neat anatomy study.


Warning: I chose to not ignore the vent

I’m sorry you had to endure hate from others, to the point where you believe most of the community to be hateful people.

I am one of the people that do not think of you that way.

When I see your art it makes me feel genuinely happy and I think you are a loving person since you draw so many cute pictures of your fluffies and humans.

If you do something that is out of line, than you’ll be informed about it by staff.

I haven’t heard about anyone just randomly getting banned.

If anyone calls you slurs, please don’t hesitate to inform staff about it.


It’s honestly not something I personally experienced here… Like yeah, some folks use bigoted language, but during the 2 years of existing here I maybe experienced genuine hatered and attacks like… Up to maybe 5 times? Maybe it’s just me and I should shut up lol

I’m sorry all of this happened to you, idiots are gonna stay idiots and we can’t help that… Unless you simply block them, like Virga suggested


i’m lucky enough to have never been harassed here, and honestly that was my biggest fear when i started posting. i totally get it and i’m sorry people are being gross to you, i love your art and for what it’s worth i think you’re pretty cool


Seriously, who’s knees do we need to break?


Been there… fucking been there. Some people really don’t know where to draw the line between picking on fluffies and just being asses to real people.

Honestly tho very nice doodle, love the shading on the heart!


Sorry you’re having trouble with not-so-nice people on here. :frowning: